How to Spot Scam Job Invitation Message in Nigeria

There are many Nigerians in urgent need of jobs. This becomes an issue for them as there are many scammers out there waiting to feed on these hapless job seekers. When you submit applications online, these scammers pay to have your contact and then send you fraudulent messages. In this post, we’ll be looking at how to spot scam job invitation message in Nigeria.

There are several ways you can spot these scam job invitation messages in Nigeria. We’ll be laying them bare in the next section of the post. You should read critically to learn.

How to Spot Scam Job Invitation Message in Nigeria

1. You can spot fake and scam invitation message by the level of grammar used in the message. Most of these fake and scam invitations are riddled by poor grammar, poor use of punctuation, wrong capitalization, and all. No professional HR sends a job invitation message filled with errors.

Once it is filled with errors, consider the message from scammers.

2. You don’t remember applying for the job. Yes. This is also another way of knowing a fake job invitation message. You don’t remember applying for a job in the company, or for the role stated. If you don’t remember applying for that company or that role, definitely that’s scammers at work.

3. After considering the first two criteria, the next one is to Google their address. Of course, they’ll send the address you can come for the interview. You should Google it. With modern technology, you can zoom in with Google Map to the location to know the businesses there. For most scammers, since their businesses aren’t fully registered and running, you’ll likely not find any of such business there.

4. Some of these scammers have become so smart they have built legit websites to help swindle the unsuspecting people. So, you don’t have to be convinced by only website. However, you can know the website is fake when it’s foreign pictures they use or strange contents.

There are often very little product names on the pages. No company structure. The website might not be convincing enough for you.

5. Finally, you should Google the name of the company and read a lot about what people who have interviewed there said. If the company name is opened and operated by scammers, a Nigerian who have fallen for the scam must have stated it online.

In addition you have to ask people around you if they have knowledge of the company. You can also people you know staying around the address if they know if such company exists. You have to make all these findings before you go job searching to avoid losing your money, wasting your time, and frustrating yourself.

Example of Scam Job Invitation Message

Hi Chinweokwu , You are invited for interview at BECO NIG.LTD. 2nd floor 248 Nnebisi Rd opp.Wema bank,Asaba.Saturday 4/5/2023 by


This post has showcased how to apot scam job invitation message in Nigeria. You should read this post to understand this perfectly. You should know how not to fall to scammers. This is to enable you save your money and time.