5 Best and Cheapest Places in Nigeria to Start Coconut Plantation


Anything in plantation is a long time money spinner. This is the reason why people are encouraged to go into plantations. There are different types of plantation they can do from palm tree to plantain to banana to coconut. In this post, we’ll be examining the 5 best and cheapest in Nigeria to start coconut plantation.

Coconut plantation is a very profitable plantation to have. It is one you earn in years, and you earn a lot. There are best and cheapest places to set up this plantation. We’ll be taking you through them in this article.

5 Best and Cheapest Places in Nigeria to Start Coconut Plantation

You should know that coconut does well in a swampy or riverine area. So, all the places and areas we’ll be mentioning here are in the swampy and riverine areas.

1. Ondo State

This is where you’ll get the cheapest land among the swampy areas of Nigeria. The state also has one of the longest beaches in Nigeria. You should know Ondo State is quite huge, so you have to go to the swampy areas or areas closer to the Atlantic ocean to buy land for your plantation. It is cheap and secure. Coconut will do well here.

Ondo State is close to Lagos and Ogun, so you can easily harvest your produces and supply to the industrial areas in Lagos and Ogun.

2. Delta State

This state also has cheap land as well. It is a swampy and riverine area, and coconut performs well here. It is close to cities like Warri and Benin where you can send your produces. It is also close to qLagos where you can ship down your produces for production.

3. Akwa Ibom State

This state recently established a coconut oil production factory. There are also other finished products that they need coconut for. The land here is swampy and good for coconut plantation.

Even though the land here is not as cheap as the areas mentioned, you get to have security to farm and a good land that will make your coconut do well. There is also market for it.

4. Lagos State

Lagos State is on this list because coconut performs well in the state. Though it is not cheap to buy land in bulk here, there are still places you can find land relatively cheap to have your coconut plantation like Epe, Ikorodu, and Badagry areas. The good thing about Lagos is that there is already a booming market waiting for you to harvest the coconut.

5. Cross River State

The land of Cross River State is rich and good for coconut farming too. Some parts and areas of Cross River State is swampy, and would give you the right nutrients for your plant. The market for the coconut produces is also there. You can ship the produces to Calabar, Uyo, Port Harcourt, the entire Southeast, and the North. Though, you have to note that land is not so cheap here.


This post has looked at 5 best and cheapest Places in Nigeria to start coconut plantation. It is a good guide to lead you right on setting up a coconut plantation. If you do it in all these mentioned places, you are sure to get good harvest.