how to hire and onboard new sales rep

How to Coach and Onboard New Sales Rep in a Company

New Sales Rep

In most cases in large corporations and companies, hiring sales rep is not the problem, the problem lies in how to coach and onboard new sales rep in the company. Hiring them is actually one of the least of the worries for the HR department, the main problem is on their training, coaching and on-boarding. This process that comes after hiring is an important deciding factor of how well or how bad the sales rep would perform in the company. It could be very fatal to the company if the sales rep perform badly. Then, what is this process or how do companies coach and onboard a new sales rep? How to hire and onboard new sales rep.

  • Training: The first step after hiring sales rep is their training. There are some companies that push their employees right into work after hiring them without training them and this can be fatal to the growth of the company. Sales reps are like the first direct contact of the company to the customers, and so, they have to be at ease with all the details of the company and the products as well for good productivity and delivery. They also have to be familiar with the history, values, mission, and competitors.
  • Handing them the Proper Knowledge of the Company: For the best performance of the sales representatives of your company, there must be the proper teaching of ways of the company and make sure they have all the features of the products and services of the company at their fingertips. Since the growth or decline of sales depend on these individuals, companies ensure that the full and proper knowledge of the companies is passed to these new sales rep during their training.
  • Setting Target and Expectations: While the companies are teaching these people the ways, features and details of the companies, their targets and expectations are also revealed to them. Thus, a new sales rep is certain of what he or she is supposed to do and attain. After the training, whenever they resume their duties properly, they know what is expected of them and how they go about it. This is the reason why some companies engage and pay for the services of global PEO for hiring the qualified sales reps who already have a good knowledge of how to meet or execute expectations and targets.
  • Building a Team: This is another way of coaching new sales reps. Sales teams are built, and the new sales reps are put in the same team with the old ones. The old ones after the training and on the process of the job duty of the new sales reps guide and direct the new ones. Therefore, the new ones are constantly under the training of the old ones until they are very knowledgeable about the process and features of the company and how to meet and execute expectations and targets.
  • Evaluation of First Set of Performance: This is the last process or way of coaching a new sales rep. Shortly after they had begun working, after a while–a month, two months, six months, perhaps–, their results are brought out and evaluated. Questions are raised. How did they execute their duties? What results were they able to achieve at that time? Are they beneficial to the growth of the company? It must be noted that the results would determine the next step to be taken by the companies. Companies react differently to these results; while some make the choice of keeping or hiring the sales reps, others may retrain them if they don’t deliver or move them to other departments in the company.

How to hire and onboard new sales rep.


A sales rep is an important person and role in a company. They are major deciders in the turn out of revenue of the company. This is the reason why companies must ensure they are careful with process of hiring and training sales reps. The training aspect is more important than the hiring process, and companies must ensure their new sales reps are duly trained and monitored for better productivity and delivery. Right from the point of training to building a team to evaluation of performance, the company must ensure that the process is duly followed. When sales reps do not turn out right or have negative effects on the company instead of positive, the results will be deadly for the company in terms of sales and revenue.

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