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How to do a Profitable Piggery Business

Profitable Piggery or Pig Farm

How do I do a profitable piggery business is often one of the commonest questions asked by people who wish to do a profitable business. This is because they guess that piggery is profitable but don’t know how to go about doing the business. However, for those who do not know or have not realized how profitable piggery is. Piggery is very profitable if it well managed.

Piggery to my personal opinion is among the best businesses one can do in the agriculture sector. It is profitable than most businesses in the sector due to low risks associated with pigs, the omnivorous nature of pigs and their ability to breed in large number.

You have to note that Pigs are HIGHLY fertile.

A fertile female pig produces average of 10 piglets a year better than cow of one in two years or one yearly or that of goats of 2 average annually. They also eat most things from meat to palm kernel waste to fruits to vegetables to cassava peels and cassava itself to corn. So, the feeding isn’t too much of money consuming. The treatment of pigs is also not money consuming, although pigs need regular deworming.

Pig business is good but before we continue with other sections of the post we’ll treat regular and frequently asked questions about piggery business.

How profitable is Piggery Business?

Piggery is profitable if is handled well. As we have written in this post, piggery is more profitable than most agricultural businesses. You just have to be careful and make sure you do the right things required of you in the business. We advise you do your business in a large scale to increase your chances of making bigger profit and you feed and treat them properly. Pigs do not die easily like other farm animals but you should take care to ensure they are well-cared for and treated in terms of illnesses.

How do I start a Piggery/Pig Farm?

The first process of starting a piggery or pig farm is learning about the procedures of running a pig farm. You study the best breeds of pigs to rear. The best and cheapest way to construct your pig farm. The best food or feed to use for your pig. It is after learning that you move on to establishing your farm by identifying a good location, erecting buildings, buying the pigs, rearing them, possibly employing farm hands and many more.

How much is required before starting a Piggery/ Pig Farm?

The capital and money required to start a pig farm depends on the size of farm the person intends to have. However, it is advisable an intending owner of piggery considers starting it in a large scale. Large scale would cost a good sum of money because you would have to buy land, erect a fence and construct a building where they would stay. Then you buy the best breed of pig and feed that would last it for a year at least. You secure water and many other things.

Your budget should be $13,000 (6 million naira) to establish a moderately large scale piggery that would do well. However, if you have land and building already, you can start with $8,000 (4 million naira) or do it smaller scale the one you can afford of 2 million ($4500).

How long does it take a Pig to grow/mature?

The growth and maturity level of pigs depends on the breed. However, a good breed grows to a certain level of maturity from 6 months – 1 and a half year. So we can say that within a year, a female pig should be able to procreate.

How well or often do Pigs die? 

Pigs have the least mortality rate among most farm animals. If you start a pig farm, so far they are well taken care of, feed and treated at any slightest opportunity of infection, they would likely not die. So, pigs don’t die easily and easily don’t get attacked by a pandemic or general illness.

Once you have all these questions in your mind and study and grasp the answers we gave here, you should have come to realize the question how do I do a profitable piggery or pig business?  

You remember that you have to note that a well-managed piggery/pig farm is very profitable. With a good working piggery, in a year and half to two years time depending on how many pigs you start with and your location and marketing, you should have made 100% – 150% of the capital invested.

This business strictly obeys one of the best investment rules that states the higher the investment, the higher the profit and growth of the business. This is the reason we encourage that you learn, be assured that you know what you are doing, connect to experts and consultants and do a profitable piggery/pig farm.

The Growth Pattern of a Piggery/Pig Farm: An In-depth Financial Analysis

How is my piggery or pig farm going to grow?

We’ve told you that piggery or pig farm is very profitable, right? Here, we would be showing you how your pig farm is likely to grow and expand, the steps and the processes.

If you choose to go into it fully and establish a farm of four pigs–three female, one male–with let me say ($4500) 2 million naira incurred in expenses in set up, acquisition of the pigs, feeding and treatment, there would be a slow addiction of profits to the farm.

A female pig produces up to 10 piglets at birth and can give birth twice a year. Let us say after 8 months, the female pigs were able to give the farmer average of 5 piglets each, that’s 15. He sells the 10 piglets he doesn’t need for 10,000 each and makes 100,000–(his first pig sale profit).

Nowadays, pig excreta are sold to farmers. He might have made another 50,000 from it all these while. You see after 8 months, his profit is barely up to 10% of the investment money. Total of 150,000.

He adds the first sale money he made to the cost used in running the farm. Before the end of another 8 months, he gets about 5 piglets on average from 6 pigs. That’s whooping 30, right? Then he makes his mind to sell the grown up 4 he started the business with. A full grown pig now is averagely 50,000 in the market.

So after a year and four months he would make his first major profit of 400,000 or more depending on the sizes of the pig and piglets and how many piglets he wants to sell.

Of course, he would keep re-investing and in another cycle of sale, the sales would have grown to over 700,000.

After two years, managing the farm would become too much for him and he would employ one or two farm hands. As the business expands, he might even decide to open a meat shop and be the direct seller of the meat to the consumers. Thus, he makes extra 10,000 – 15,000 on a full pig instead of what he was making before selling it to meat sellers.

By the analysis we offered above, you should know that piggery is profitable and what we have here would guide you on your question of how do I do a profitable piggery business.,

Things to Avoid in a Piggery Business

After asking the important question of how do I do a profitable piggery business, you should also keep it in mind to inquire about which things or issues do I avoid in piggery business.

  • You shouldn’t do the business or begin the farm without learning about it completely in order to avoid failure. You should also try to engage consultants and experts in the field for more accuracy in the execution of your business target.

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  • You should ensure that your pigs have enough space, water and food. You should in no way overcrowd them in your facility for better growth and to avoid other dangers.
  • When a pig is nursing some piglets, make sure it is always well-fed because they eat their offspring when they’re really hungry. You’ve to also take away the little ones from the mature pigs, especially the hungry ones.
  • Don’t choose a bad location. Consider choosing a location which is less prone to attacks, close to a market (for buying of feeds and selling of pork), access road and other factors as well.
  • One of your best priorities is water. So while building the shelter, providing security, you should endeavor you make good provision for water as pigs are heavy water drinkers.


Piggery business is really a profitable business you should consider. However, we didn’t mention that you have to note that the business is strenuous but profitable. If you choose a good location, you can easily sell the pork (pig meat) when it is ready. It is sold at a good price.

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