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How to Borrow Data from MTN

MTN provides an opportunity for the users to borrow data from them. If you are short on data, and there is no means for you to get it at the moment, the network provider makes provision for you to borrow data from them. You can repay the data borrowed when next you recharge. Thus, it is pertinent you know how to borrow data from MTN.

You pay back this borrowed data (with 15% interest) at your next point of recharging. Therefore, you don’t have to be short on data at important occasions. You can always borrow this data once you are eligible to borrow.

Before we go into the details of how to borrow this, you have to know great details about this wonderful service provider, MTN.

History of MTN in Nigeria

The MTN Group was present and existing in South Africa before it invested and came into Nigeria in 2001. MTN was not the first private network provider to come into Nigeria but they are the first company to enable call services capitalizing on the Nigerian GSM auction conducted by Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC).

The company paid for its GSM licences in Nigeria in 2001. The initial funding was slightly over $270 million. As at 2022, MTN Nigeria is valued for around or over $1 billion. MTN and GLO seem to be the only network providers that have not been fully acquired by another owner or changed name.

Even though the company started providing its services in Lagos, Port Harcourt, and Abuja, it has grown beyond these cities. They are practically almost everywhere in Nigeria. They provide services for over 220 major towns and cities, and for more than 11,000 villages in Nigeria.

MTN’s digital microwave transmission backbone (Y’elloBahn), of more than 3200 kilometers. is the largest transmission network in Africa. The network provider is the most used network provider in Nigeria. There are over 68 million active MTN users in Nigeria.

MTN is also the most profitable network provider due to how popular it is among Nigerians. Nigerians use the network frequently for calls and browsing.

Things you didn’t know about MTN

  •   The company originated from South Africa.
  •   The full meaning of MTN is Mobile Telephone Network.
  •   They are also popular and widely used in other African countries.
  •   Nigerians are the major shareholders and stakeholders in the company.
  •   MTN was not the first private network provider to come into Nigeria.
  •   MTN is the most popular network provider and widely used in Nigeria at the moment.

How good is Browsing with MTN? 

MTN has its network service or provides network services in many locations in Nigeria. In these places, the service provided is very sharp. You can make calls without hindrance, and you can browse on it comfortably. Thus, browsing with MTN is good as it is fast and responsive.

How to Borrow Data from MTN 

To use the code to borrow data from MTN, you have to be eligible. Thus, there are certain criteria you should pass to be able to borrow data from the network provider. These criteria are:

You should be a registered prepaid user of MTN.

You must have been recharging, browsing, and making calls in the last three months.

The level of the amount to be borrowed to you is determined by the amount you use periodically on the network.

You repay the loan when you want to recharge next, and you would be charged 15% of the amount borrowed as interest accrued on the borrowed airtime.

You can check if you are eligible by dialing the code *606#, and then selecting ‘Eligibility Status’ next.

Then, if you are eligible, the code to borrow data on MTN is *606#.

Once you dial this code, many options will come up, and then you select ‘Request for Xtra Time.’

After this, when the next line of options come up, then you select ‘Xtra Data.’

You follow the other steps and directions. Along the line, you can select the amount of data you want to borrow. However, you should note that on your first borrowing, only smaller amounts would be approved for you.


How to borrow data from MTN is not a difficult task. You have to know the right way to do it, and once it is done right, your request is approved immediately. Data will be sent to your phone instantly.

You can check out more details on MTN website (MTN).

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