How to Apply to Work in Dangote Refinery in 2022/2023

Dangote Refinery is 95% ready at the moment, and is set to start refining crude oil and production sometime in 2023. You know this means that there are jobs up for grabs. The bugging question is how to apply to work in Dangote Refinery in 2022/2023?

What is Dangote Refinery and where is it Situated?

Dangote Refinery is one of the world’s largest refinery located in Lagos State. It is located in the Lekki-Epe axis of Lagos. It is in the new industrial location of the state.

It is owned by the richest man in Africa as at 2022, Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Due to its location and the much talked about Lekki Free Trade Zone, there is a deep seaport being built in Lekki to facilitate the exportation of products gotten from the area.

The refinery is worth more than $2 billion. It is set to employ more than 1000 people, indirectly or directly. It is also set to be producing or refining a large amount of crude oil for immediate exportation to other countries.

One thing this means is that there are lots of jobs for grabs especially for engineers, all types of engineers. If you are a chemical, mechanical, electrical, or even software engineer, you fit into the need of this new firm.

How to Apply to Work in Dangote Refinery in 2022/2023

You can apply to work in Dangote Refinery by checking out their requirements and procedures through their URL below:

You got to know that before applying, you should have all the necessary requirements.

What are the Requirements for the Job?

You need to have your SSCE results with either one or two sittings, Credit in English and Mathematics.

A degree or higher national diploma in Engineering or other related disciplines.

If you have a degree or HND in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Pure & Industrial Chemistry, Business Administration, Economics, and Human Relations, you can also apply. You might fit into other non-Engineering roles.

You shouldn’t be older than 35. At most, you should be around 35. This is because age will be a great factor in the selection and interview process.

In addition, you should have experience in the sector. It not a MUST, though, but having an experience gives you an edge over other applicants. Make sure you put the experience in your CV as you apply.

You should have a compelling CV and Cover Letter. While sending out your application, you should endeavor to include the CV and Cover Letter.

The Expected Salary in Dangote Refinery

If you are employed after the selection process, you should be looking at earning around 150,000 naira to 500,000 naira or more depending on your level and experience.