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What is the Right Age to make Investment?

How old do you have to be to invest is an important question to ask if you’ve not been up to a required age. To make an investment, especially making the right decision, is not an easy task or child-like action. Investment decision is one of the hardest critical thinking task anyone can ever undergo.

This is the reason why making investment decisions is not left in the hands of people who aren’t adult. In this short post, we’ll be guiding you the right age a human can begin making investment decision, how old you have to be to invest in stocks and how much worth your investment would be if you secure it early.

A person who is not fully grown to make the right investment decision has 75% probability of losing that investment and money.

How old do you have to be to invest?

Even though a teenager who is 18 is considered an adult, we don’t encourage a person who is that young to make investment. Yes, in most countries, that’s the legal age to make such decision and many companies have been founded by teenagers that age. However, establishing and running a business is not totally the same with making an investment that requires huge sum of money.

Teenagers below the age of 18 can start running their business, no problem. However, only adults who are well-read and have enough information of how investment works should be the ones investing in businesses and stocks. We encourage you as an intending young investor to learn how the investment market works, get a coach and ask relevant questions before investing no matter how much money you have.

The correct age to start making investment decision is from 23 and above, coached by a professional, though.

How old do you have to be to invest in Stocks?

Just as it has been written in investing money, same can also be said in investing in stocks. Understanding the system and ways of stock is something you should learn from the professionals. You should ask the relevant questions, and learn. It is only when you’re sure you have learned a lot and would love to try it out yourself that you invest in stocks.

Then, how old do you have to be to invest in stocks? You should be 23 and above, at least, after learning the ropes and gaining experience from your coach.

How much will my Investment be Worth when I invest when I am young?

Investing when you’re in your 20s in stocks, business, or properties and real estate, enables your asset and worth grow way larger than your colleagues. Thus, you get richer while the money your colleagues get deplete due to inflation.

For instance, if you invest $5000 when you are 23, when you’re 40, it should be more than $40000 or more depending on where you invested it.

How old do you have to be before you invest in Properties and Real Estate? 

Properties and real estate, especially where land is scare and valued with a high standard of living, it is very profitable to venture into. Like other ventures listed above, you’ve to learn from the coaches and experts about making investments in properties and real estate. Properties and real estate business is kind of safer, so you can start investing in real estate and properties as early as when you’re 20.


The question how old do you have to be before you invest shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you know what to do and how to go about it. It’s simple you note that you’ve to be coached in the investment field you want to enter. Learn a lot, be guided by your coach, play safe always, and you reap the dividends.

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