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How and Where to Buy Treasury Bills in Nigeria


Treasury Bill, in a simple term, is a loan or money owned by the Federal Government. Treasury bill is in form of a loan the Federal Government obtains to run some of its project with the idea of paying back. When they pay back, it comes with interest. In this post, we’ll be looking at how and where to buy treasury bills in Nigeria.

Treasury bill is secured investment you can hold or do to earn a little percentage of profit. It is not really much of a profitable investment but it is low-risk investment that you can trust.

How does Treasury Bill Work in Nigeria?

You buy this treasury bill from a broker or bank or Central Bank of Nigeria to earn your percentage profit from it after a year. If you have up to 50 million naira, you buy from CBN, but if you don’t, you buy from commercial bank or regular broker at the price you want.

You can earn from around 5% to 15% interest rate annually investing with treasury bill. Thus, you should know that it is not much of a high-yielding investment but it is very secure.

How and Where to Buy Treasury Bills in Nigeria

1. Commercial Banks

Commercial Banks are the best places to buy treasury bills. You can get to any commercial bank around you to ask their customer care the process of securing or procuring treasury bills. They’ll attend to you and guide you.

You should know that year to year, the profit and benefits accruing to treasury bill varies. It is high at some points and years while it is low at some points depending on the inflation rate and situation of Nigeria’s economy.

2. Central Bank

For people with large sum of money of 50 million naira and above, the Central Bank of Nigeria is the best place to secure the treasury bill. When you secure it, you are rest assured of premium treatment and interest from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

3. Treasury Bill Brokers

You can also use the services of regular treasury bill brokers in securing your treasury bills. However, you should ensure the broker you are using his or her services is trustworthy and reliable. You should not use the services of an untrustworthy treasury bill broker.

They offer the same rate with the commercial banks but charge you for their services.


This is how and where to buy treasury bills in Nigeria. Treasury bill investment and business is a very secure investment you can make to get some income and profit for yourself. It is not only dependable and reliable, it is also profitable if the economy performs well.

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