Gabriel Ogbechie, CEO of Rainoil Limited

Gabriel Ogbechie, CEO of Rainoil Limited
Rainoil Limited has seen a rise in the number of its filling stations across the country. With th company’s name getting into the faces of Nigerians, most of them don’t know the owner or his story. In this post, we’ll be writing about the biography of Gabriel Ogbechie, CEO of Rainoil Limited.

Biography of Gabriel Ogbechie, CEO of Rainoil Limited

Gabriel Ogbechie was born on 28 May 1966. He hails from Idumuje in Anaocha North Local Government Area of Delta State. He was born and did most of his growing up in Delta and Anambra states.

He attended Queen on the Niger Primary School, Onitsha, for his primary school education. He went ahead to enrol at St. Patrick’s College, Asaba, for his secondary school education. He got his SSCE certificate from this pretigious college in Asaba.

Right after that, Gabriel Ogbechie was admitted to study Production Engineering at the University of Benin. He went on to work for some firms after graduation. He worked in an accounting firm first before he got the job that would change his life.

The job that changed his life and influenced his decision to start up Rainoil Limited is the one where he was the Sales Operation Manager in an oil and gas firm. Through the job, he was able to gain first hand experience of what happened in the sector. It made him have the desire to own a working oil and gas firm.

So, he established the Rainoil Limited in 1997. This company went into the procurement, distribution, supply, and sale of refined crude oil products. As a former sales operation manager, it contributed a lot in how his products were distributed and sold.

The company grew from a few filling stations and tankers to many. Right now, there are over 40 filling stations, and a large amount of tankers and logistics vehicles, an oil and gas farm, belonging to Rainoil Limited. The strategy of the company lies in affordability of its crude oil products.

Gabriel Ogbechie has other business interests aside from oil and gas like agriculture and logistics. He is heavily involved in a 1,400 hectares palm tree farm in Delta State. He is also involved in a wide range of other business. He is part of a lot of company boards.

He is also into philanthropy, funding hundreds of indigent students in schools, skills, and businesses. For this, he has received several awards and titles, especially in Delta State.

He is happily married with children.

What is the Net Worth of Gabriel Ogbechie?

Gabriel Ogbechie’s net worth cannot be categorically stated. However, it can be estimated. Gabriel Ogbechie is worth around $300 million.

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