Expensive and Valueable Metals, Non-Metals, and Other Assets to Buy for Investment and Resale Value in Nigeria

In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the expensive and valuable metals, non-metals, and other assets to buy for investment and resale value in Nigeria. This is to guide you on where to put your money to make profit. When you trade on any of these assets to be listed in this article, you are certain to make good profit.

Before we go into the full details of the post, you should know that buying these assets are good because you’ll reap some levels of profit from them. What this means is that buying them is like purchasing lands, their value will always increase, and not decrease. Thus, it is a very advisable thing to do to buy them.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these pieces of assets.

Expensive and Valueable Metals, Non-Metals, and Other Assets to Buy for Investment and Resale Value in Nigeria

1. Land

The most valuable or expensive asset to buy for investment and resale value in Nigeria or anywhere in else in the world is land. Land will always increase in value especially in fast-developing areas. If you have idle money, and you are looking for where to put your money in terms of assets, land is the best.

Land is always there for you. It will increase in value, especially in developing areas. You can use the land in the future for anything to make more money for you.

2. Gold

Gold is the most valuable metal or non-metals asset that’s not land or real estate. It is valuable because it is beautiful and humans admire and cherish it. It will always be sought after.

In addition to that, gold is used by the Government of the world to regulate the currency money. This is why gold will always be valuable. We encourage you to buy gold as an asset to protect your money against inflation, and also to increase the value of your money. It is also safer investing in gold than keeping your idle money in the bank.

Gold is mined and produced in Nigeria in the states of Osun and Zamfara.

3. Diamond

Diamond is the next valuable asset after gold. It is a scarce commodity that cannot easily be gotten. Gold is also scarce but diamond is more scarce. This is why it is limited in the market–there aren’t many people having diamonds.

You can invest in it or procure it as an asset by buying diamond jewelry or the raw ones. You keep and safeguard it for future resale value and as an investment. It has very good resale value, and it is not affected by inflation, aging, and other economic negative effects.

You can buy diamond in Nigeria easily by going to a trusted vendor in city centres like Abuja, Lagos, and Kano. Diamond is mined in Nigeria in Taraba State.

4. Rhodium

Rhodium is not an asset or piece of material you can easily buy anywhere. It is very scarce in the world, and it is very valuable. It is this scarcity that makes it valuable. Rhodium is mostly mined in a single location in South Africa.

It is a very wise investment and valueable asset to buy because it is believed that rhodium deposit in the earth crust will soon get exhausted. So, imagine you are one of the people with access to rhodium–it’ll be priceless.

You can make a purchase of this rhodium by searching for a trusted and good link abroad. You can easily get duped. To avoid being duped, you work with referral.

5. Palladium

Palladium is in the league of rhodium but it is no where as valueable as rhodium. However, sourcing and keeping palladium for future resale value is a very good thing. You’ll safeguard your money against inflation, and make extra money than before.

Palladium, like other assets mentioned in this post, can easily be resold.

6. Platinum

Platinum is in the league of rhodium and palladium; it has great resale value and it can easily be sold. It is used and valued in a wide range of sector. The simple thing you can to make money off this is getting a genuine source, buying the original platinum, and safeguarding it for future resale value.

7. Silver

Silver might seem not to be enticing enough for anyone or only to a few people but silver has great resale value. This is so because a wide range of producers of final products use silver as part of their raw material. So, it is still a wise thing to buy silver in its raw form and keep. You can also buy silver in the finished form as jewelry or silver bar.

Buying and selling silver, or buying and keeping silver for future resale value, is still a good investment decision.

8. Copper

Copper is also another metal asset you can buy to sell or resale later. The value of copper doesn’t dimnish, and it is widely sought after. Copper is used in the production of a wide range or products. You can always sell it at an amount higher than what you bought it.

9. Graphite

Graphite is used in the production of batteries and a whole lot of other things. It has a great value. It is something you can buy to sell at a price higher than what you purchased it. Thus, it is a good investment decision to buy graphite to sell or resale later.

You can buy graphite in the raw form, and store it. You’ll always find someone to resale this raw material to at a price greater than what you purchased it.

10. Lithium

Lithium is used in the production of electric vehicles, phones, and laptops. It used to be expensive but the price has really gone low at the moment. However, this doesn’t mean that it is not a good idea to deal in lithium or buy it and keep.

There are projections that the value of lithium will rise again with the increased call for adaptation of renewable energy. Even as the world gets more advanced, technology will take the center further, and pressure would be on lithium. So, we still think it is a nice idea to deal in lithium. It has a good value.

In addition to all that has been written, you mustn’t really buy all these assets before you make money from them; you can also make money from them through other alternative means if buying and selling them physically is a problem for you.

Alternative Way to Make Money with these Assets

You can make money through these assets mentioned, especially as regarding gold, silver, copper, rhodium, diamond, palladium, and platinum, from trading in them. You can do this by buying shares in the company that mines, uses, and trades in them. Buy shares from the new companies into them who have great promise. Thus, as the value of the companies increase, the value of your money increases as well.


This post has critically looked at the idea of expensive and valueable metals, non-metals, and other assets to buy for investment and resale value in Nigeria. It is a great guide to lead you on on the best way to invest your money, and the best way to hedge your savings against inflation and other economic negativitiew. It is a great guide.

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