Chinonso Ogbogu, CEO of Sabiwriters

There are lots of young entrepreneurs doing amazingly well in their businesses, making impact, and growing. Chinonso Ogbogu of Sabiwriters is one of them. In this post we’ll be examining the biography of Chinonso Ogbogu, CEO of Sabiwriters.

Biography of Chinonso Ogbogu, CEO of Sabiwriters

Chinonso Ogbogu was born in Lagos State. He hails from Nsukka area of Enugu State. He was born in the 1980s.

He did his early childhood and teenage years in Lagos. He also did his primary and secondary education in Lagos. After finishing from secondary school, he got admission to study Business Management at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. He graduated in 2011.

It is after his graduation that he began pursuing his dream of being an entrepreneur. He started by hosting shows on radio stations in Awka and Enugu, shuttling between Awka and Enugu. He presented himself to companies to render services regarding writing, advertisement, and publicity.

This is where his entrepreneurial problem began because he wasn’t getting feedback from the businesses he approached. He didn’t lose hope. He preserved and continued giving his talk.

Around 2015, he decided that it is no longer working, he returned to his state of birth, Lagos, to his parent’s house in Ajegunle. He had to let his mind rest first before embarking on another venture. It is while he was in his parent’s house in Lagos that he goes his eureka moment.

He thought about establishing a firm to tutor entrepreneurs, writers, and to also write, edit, and publish for people. From his bedroom, he started offering these services, searching out for clients. The response he got was way different from the one he had been getting since 2011.

Partnership that Worked

From having different ideas about the business he wanted to do, he finally settled down with the name and business format of Sabiwriters. Sabiwriters offers writing, editing, publishing, and tutoring skills to clients. Having made it formal, he got his friend and partner involved fully, Felix Ukattah. Chinonso Ogbogu became the CEO, and Felix Ukattah became the co-founder.

They were just two founders, and the employees of their own company. From there, the firm grew, and expanded. They employed one additional person. They expanded the more. Now, they have more than 40 employees working for the firm.

Chinonso Ogbogu has gone on to establish other related businesses like BookSpider, Sabiwriters School, Alo, and so on. The firm serves the interest of lots of personalities. They have also gone into direct publication.

He continues to live in Lagos where he runs his business. He is happily married with children.

What is the Net Worth of Chinonso Ogbogu?

His worth cannot be totally stated. However, he is worth around $2 million.