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Best Places to Live in Lokoja

Lokoja is at the center of Nigeria, and you can go anywhere from here. It is a good place to visit and settle. It is also a good place to set up company if your goods serves every location in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best places to live in Lokoja.

The fact you should know about this city is that aside from its central location, life in Lokoja is affordable. Though, you might encounter shortage of social amenities and reduced standard of living. However, Lokoja is a good place nevertheless, especially if you are into mining and quarry, power distribution, fishing, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Best Places to Live in Lokoja

1. GRA

This is the Government Residential Area of Lokoja. It is where most government parastatals and offices are. Here, you’ll find the best of social amenities and public infrastructure in Lokoja. It is secure as well. It is also close to a lot of areas in the city.

For the rent, you can get a flat for around 600,000 naira; a room and parlor self-contained for around 300,000 naira, and a room self-contained for around 200,000 naira or more. The power supply here is great when compared to other parts of Lokoja.

2. Crown Estate

This estate is good one. The development, security, and other standard of living features in this estate is good. As an estate, you have the exclusivity you’ll so desire. The power supply is great as well.

For those who love tranquility and exclusivity, this place is the best bet. You should hold the same amount of money as suggested for rent earlier for GRA.

3. Bishop Court Area

The Bishop Court Area is one of the first places that saw development in Lokoja due to the work of missionaries in the area. So, it is not far fetched that this area is better developed with good social amenities than other areas of Lokoja. It is also secure. There are lots of important places here.

The place is in a good location and is close to a lot of other areas in Lokoja.

For this area, you should hold a good amount of money for rent. 500,000 naira can rent a flat, while 250,000 naira can rent a self-contained room and parlor, and around 150,000 naira is enough for a self-contained room.

4. Lokogoma Phase 2

This place may not be as exclusive as GRA and Crown Estate but it is sure a fast developing area with lots of modern and standard buildings. Here, you will find middle-class families. It offers good social amenities and public infrastructure as well.

The cost of living here is the same as found in Bishop Court Area. You should hold the same amount for rent. The power and water bills aren’t too much as well.

5. Zango City

This place is one of the best areas to stay in Lokoja. It’s a fast developing place. Here, too, you’ll find modern standard buildings to suit your taste and fancy. There are good social amenities and public infrastructure here as well.

The rent here is kind of cheaper than other areas mentioned. You should hold around 450,000 naira to rent a flat, 200,000 naira for a room and parlor self-contained, and 120,000 naira for a self-contained room. The water and light bills aren’t too much.


The areas mentioned so far are the best places to live in Lokoja. If you are thinking of moving to Lokoja, these areas are great. You should put them into consideration. In all, Lokoja is a good city to consider moving into.