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Branch Loan

Branch loan gives you “the power of financial access.” The mini credit institution is set out to give financial services to mobile phone users. This financial services include having the ability to collect loan without much documentations and hassles. As a Nigerian, you can apply for loan in this company and get approved with little or no worries.

With the algorithm of the company’s platform, your credit worthiness can be determined through your smartphone. There is also quick and absolute transparency in the way your loan is processed and approved. The platform and company offers an easy and hassle-less approach to their application and approval of loans.

This platforms boasts of having over 4 million users, and claims to have processed over 20 million loan applications. There is an estimated disbursement of over $500 million. The founders of Branch Loan are Matt Flannery and Daniel Jung. The managing director of the company in Nigeria is Dayo Ademola.

This company also offers other financial services like transfer of money and paying of bills for free. You can also invest with the company to earn up to 20% annual interest. The company assures you 100% of the safety of your data and transactions.

The Features of Branch Loan

The company has a smart algorithm plan that can weigh your credit worthiness when you apply for loan on your smartphone. Application of loan is through your smartphone. How does it work and how do you apply for this loan?

You can download the Branch mobile app on Google Playstore.

The second step is creating an account after you’ve downloaded the app, register, fill in the needed details, and submit for a fast review of your application.

Next, you apply for the loan that solves your desired needs like in terms of amount and repayment plan.

In a short time, after weighing your credit worthiness, your loan is approved.

You can repay the loan with your mobile account, by transfer, and by other means.

What is Credit Worthiness? How does the Company weigh your Credit Worthiness?

Credit worthiness or credit scoring is when your ability to repay the loans you collected. This is checked by reviewing how fast you repaid previous loans you collected, whether you defaulted, your income, your bank cash flow or bank statement,

Branch loan checks your credit worthiness or does your credit scoring by checking these details on your mobile phone:

Mobile phone details

SMS logs

Previous loan repayment history

Contact list

GPS data

Thus, when registering, you accept the company’s terms and conditions of allowing their algorithm access the data on your phone.

How Much can you Secure as Loan from the Company?

You can secure from 2,000 naira to 500,000 naira as loan amount in the company. However, you should request for a smaller amount as a beginner. The increase in your credit scoring with the company would improve your loan amount.

What is the Interest rate of the Company?

The company’s interest rate charged on loan collected is between 1.5% to 20% monthly, depending on the amount and your credit worthiness.

What is the Repayment Time and Terms?

You have a period of 9 to 52 weeks to repay the loans. It is wise you repay the loan as fast as possible. The faster you repay the loan, the less interest rates and money it heaps on you.

The Company’s Website: Branch Loan


Branch loan is a credit institution that is still relatively new in Nigeria. However, they offer good services to intending loan applicants. You can secure quick and fast loans at a considerable good rate.

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