best skills to learn in university

Best 10 Skills to Learn in University

Best Skills to Learn in the University

Are you not sure of how to survive with your course’s certificate after university? Are you not certain of how to be making income from your certificate? Do you know there are best skills you can learn while studying in the university?

As you work towards getting that acceptance letter from the university, you should also work towards being employable and income secured after your study in university. There is no harm in trying to be financially secure at the end of your degree or diploma program. In fact, being financially secure is one of the benefit of undergoing the program in the first place.

You should note that the world is evolving fast, and so is the economy and the labor market. The time where you would simply graduate with a certificate in hand to land a job afterwards is almost over. To get a job as fast as the older university graduates got theirs is with smartness and plan.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you cannot gamble or take a risk on the probability of securing a job right after graduation, you can get to accept this post here and learn.

It is no longer a new information that skills are quite becoming as relevant as university degrees, and diplomas. In the modern economy, employers no longer rely on university degrees alone. To be qualified and certified to work with a good number of corporations, you must be skilled.

Some employers no longer request for degrees even; it has now gotten to the skills you have, your experience and what you can do to deliver. So, think about the best skills you can learn in university and keep it in your mind constantly. While your counterparts may just be focused on their studies alone, combine your studies and the learning of these skills.

At the onset of the combination of the skill and regular school learning, it might be tasking, but you also have to look at the gain after graduation. Combine the two without one overriding the other, and get a good knowledge of both.

Top Skills to Learn while in University

Like we have stated earlier, skill acquisition in university is very important. Surviving after graduation so much depends on the job knowledge, experience and skills you have. The modern economy and labor market is very much opposed to individuals who have no job knowledge, experience and skill.

We’ll guide you through the best skills to learn in the university that are in high demand and would help you secure a job. This list of best skills to learn is explained based on Dan Look’s top skills to learn suggestion.


On our number one of best skills to learn in university is Copywriting. Copywriting is the act of writing an article to persuade and convince the readers to buy into your idea. This idea could be to buy your products, to subscribe to your website, to seek your services or even to pick up an ideology. Most times these articles are brief, direct, creative and highly persuasive.

Copywriting has grown from a little feature or branch in journalism, PR and advertising to become the most sought skill in 2020. In the past, writing an ad copy or any form of copywriting was strictly for people who were into advertising. However, now, copywriting is utilized for any form of writing seeking to persuade or get people’s interest over to the writer’s side.

This skill is great to learn, because it is easy to learn, cheaper in case you have to pay and there is high pay guaranteed if a job is secured. It simply has to do with writing and being creative with words.

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Sales and Closing

Sales and closing is another best skill to learn in university. Most businesses are profitable and have the money to pay salaries due to the fact that they make sales. This is the reason why most businesses focus on fighting to increase their sales or seeing to it that there is a steady increase in the number of sales they make.

Getting to learn this skill will certainly not be a waste of time. Most business would be in need of someone into sales and closing. Sales is very paramount to the success of a business.

While Sales is the ability to make sales for a business, closing is the ability of the sales personnel to follow up a sales lead and ensure the customer seals the sale and makes a purchase. This closing skill is more appreciated in the real estate sector.

Having this skill will make you not only employable, you will also be highly sought after and the jobs you’ll secure will be high paid jobs.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is the most commonly acquired skill in this our best skills to learn university. It’s so effortless that most people are born to be public speakers–they are already orators and persuasive speakers from birth.

You can make a great sum of money going around your country speaking and impacting lives. It’s an easy skill to acquire if you are born to be a great speaker and if you aren’t shy. You simply study, practise, use more persuasion and creativity, and see yourself impacting lives. While impacting lives, you get paid for public speaking, and that’s the good thing about this skill.

While in university, you should decide on choosing this skill. It’s even the cheapest to know as you’ll mostly need just books. As a public speaker, you can venture into the political field or any other field that would be of importance to you.

Digital Marketing

This is a great skill among the best skills to learn in university. Just like in sales and closing, this skill also has to do with getting or increasing sales in a business. While sales and closing will likely focus more on physical presence, Digital Marketing is focused online and the internet.

Digital Marketing is simply projecting products and services on several avenues online and enabling sales. If you acquire this skill, you are a sales personnel, only that you do yours online and you have to develop a sales strategy.

This skill is highly sought after at the moment and would continue like this as most businesses look towards creating an online presence and getting sales leads from there. About 70% of businesses have created accounts and pages on different online platforms; they will always need your services as a digital marketer if you acquire this skill.

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Software Development

This skill is most at times considered as the most sought skill. It is considered the most sough after skill due to the high pay of its kind of jobs in the labor market. Software developers are well paid and their roles are easier to find.

Software development, also called coding or programming, is the idea of building software parts of digital devices, and most times these software parts are websites and applications. Most businesses today need the services of a programmer who can develop their websites and apps. The jobs of software developers are everywhere, and they are also highly paid.

To get this skill means you won’t be out of jobs and you’ll be paid well.

Media Buying

This is the physical equivalent of a Digital Marketer. Media Buying has to do with organizing ads that would run on print and online media, then considering where and when they would appear and how much to spend in getting the ads there. This is an important skill in the best skills to learn in university.

Basically, as a person handling media buying, you would be in charge of charge of creating ads and deciding where they would appear. The most important aspect of your duty is bidding to the several media houses, both online and offline, for your ads to appear on them. When bidding, you endeavor that you get the best offer for the right prize.

Simply put, you get to advertise in the best selling media house at a very reasonable prize, thereby enabling your ad to reach more people at a reduced rate. Media buying improves sales, and as we have said, anything that improves sales is pretty welcomed by business owners.

You can easily get jobs with this skill and they are high paying jobs.

Cyber Security

This is very much needed with the increase of cyber attacks on businesses’ websites and apps. Businesses are looking for experts at cyber security to secure their websites and apps from cyber attack. For those who don’t know what this skill entails, it is simply the idea of getting trained to prevent websites and apps from getting attacked, or limiting it.

This skill highly sought. There are few people who are trained as cyber security personnel, so it is not a competitive field. Nevertheless, acquiring this skill demands a lot of dedication, hard work and money. The fact, though, is that if you get it securing a job isn’t a problem and the jobs are high paying.

SEO Expert

There are more than one hundred million websites all around the world jostling to appear on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo search results. Builders of websites would always love their websites to appear on the first page to enable them drive traffic to their websites. It is the work of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts to ensure websites appear on the first page of search engines results.

The work of SEO expert is not an easy one and it takes quite a lot of time to achieve this result; so, they are highly sought and paid very well too. This skill is technical, but not at all too technical as at such. You can learn it and continuously develop yourself to perfection in this field.

It is worthy to note that to also become a SEO expert, you should consider combining it with content marketing. If you combine this skills, you can easily work well in optimizing a website for search engines.

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Sales Funnel Builder

Before a marketing campaign is begun, there are procedures and steps the marketing team would have to take to achieve the results they seek. A sales funnel builder helps the team in deploying strategies and procedures to achieve the best results from the campaign. Most at times, the sales funnel builder is needed in digital marketing campaigns.

To become a sales funnel builder should be one of the easiest skills in this our best skills to learn in university. It has little or no technicalities, and it is not expensive to learn, both in time and money. The skill’s detail is just the basic knowledge most people have about sales procedure and process.

The skill is highly sought and well paid.


Almost everyone needs a guider or a coach in important things they do. People want to find the things they do easy, and they also want to achieve the best results. To do these, they’ll need a coach.

If you are passionate about a particular field that is popular and need the presence of coaches, let us say like the field of business or politics, you should consider getting into coaching. People will always need guidance and coaching and consulting; this skill will never run dry of clients.

The simple matter with this skill is that all you need is the passion and dedication, then you are on your way to a progressive consulting career. Just be passionate, knowledgeable and dedicated in whatever field you choose to consult in and you’ll excel.

You are done with high school and you need to start preparation for college, then you need to consider the skills you are to learn in university. These days, skills are as important as university certificates. Sometimes, employers pay workers with the knowledge, experience and skills more than someone who just has the knowledge of a university certificate.

Therefore, while seeking admission into university and waiting for the acceptance letter, you should also consider learning a skill. It is not a doubt that the benefit of a skill is 50% more than the benefit of a university certificate. Just set your mind towards getting a skill, and when getting a skill, choose these ones that will be well paid and highly sought.

Thank you!

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