Best Places to Live in Umuahia

Umuahia is the capital city of Abia State. It is the second largest city after Aba in Abia State. It is relatively calmer, and well-organized than Aba. It has a better standard of living than Aba. There are great areas you can live in the state. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best places to live in Umuahia.

These best places are determined by the presence of the needed social amenities, and other factors as well. These areas are secure. They also close to wherever you would love to go in Umuahia.

Best Places to Live in Umuahia

1. GRA

This is a great area to live in Umuahia. It has the needed social amenities you’ll be needing like good roads, power supply, water supply, and so many more. It is also close to most other areas in the city.
The number one fact you have to note about this area is that it is more expensive than other areas in Umuahia. The price of rent, water bill, power bill, cost of food, are higher here. To rent a full flat here, you need a budget of 550,000 naira to 700,000 naira.

Meanwhile, you can get a self-contained room for around 250,000 naira or less. A room and parlor self-contained can go for around 350,000 naira and above.

2. World Bank Estate

This is a good estate in Umuahia. It is one of the best areas to live in Umuahia. If you are planning on moving to Umuahia, or relocating within Umuahia, you should consider this place. It has the security, seclusion, and the needed amenities you’ll be needing.

For this estate, you should be holding around 550,000 naira and above or less for renting a full flat. You can also get a self-contained room at the price of 250,000 naira here. In addition, for a room and parlor self-contained, you can keep a budget of 400,000 naira.

3. Agbama Estate

This is also another important estate in Umuahia. It is similar to what is obtained in World Bank Estate. You should know that all the budget we stated for World Bank Estate is the same you should make for this estate if you intend staying here. This estate has all that you need.

4. Aba Road

For Aba Road, it is more of an open and wide area. You won’t find the seclusion like the one found in the areas mentioned earlier. However, due to its central location and wideness, it is close to all the important areas in Umuahia.
In addition, you can find a wide range of houses and prices here. However, you won’t find the needed seclusion and the type of social amenities found in the areas mentioned earlier.

To rent a complete flat here, you should hold a budget of 450,000 naira and above. You can get a self-contained room for 200,000 naira, or above, or below. A room and parlor self-contained can be gotten at around the price 300,000 naira.

5. Mission Hill

This is also a great area to stay. It is one of the first places to be developed in Umuahia. There is better seclusion and quietitude here than what’s seen in Aba road. However, you should note that the houses and standard of living here aren’t costly.

You should hold the amount and budget of what was stated for Aba Road here. It’ll be enough to cater for your needs and all.


This post has done justice to the best places to live in Umuahia. You simply have to go through this, make your own little research, and make a move. Umuahia, as a city, is a nice area to stay.