Best Places to Live in Nsukka

Nsukka is a nice fast-developing city to live in. It is secure, and it has a good majority of the social amenities you’ll be needing. In addition, it is close to most other areas in Nigeria. The cost of living is affordable. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Nsukka.

If you are a new student of UNN or you’re thinking of relocating to Nsukka, and you need a good area to stay in Nsukka, this post will be a great guide for you. You should read, make your own findings, and take a step.
The areas that are chosen in this post are chosen due to the presence of social amenities in them, and other factors.

Best Places to Live in Nsukka

1. GRA

GRA is the best area to live in Nsukka because of many reasons. It is in the central location of Nsukka. There is good power supply. It is also one of the areas that has water supply in the city. It has good road network, and it is secluded.
However, you should note that the standard of living here is expensive when compared to other parts of Nsukka.

To rent a full flat here, you should hold 550,000 naira to 700,000 naira. A self-contained room is around 200,000 naira and above. A room and parlor self-contained goes for 300,000 naira and above.

2. Orba Road

Orba Road is also a good area to stay. The main road here is good. However, a majority of the roads of the inner streets aren’t tarred–they’re still motorable. It is secure. There is constant power supply. You can also get water easily here. It is close to important areas like UNN, Ogige Main Market, Park areas, Enugu Road, and so on.

If you are a UNN student or staff member, this area is also good for you as it is close to the school. The good thing about here is that it is so affordable.
To rent a full flat here, you need a budget of 380,000 naira and above. A room self-contained goes for around 150,000 naira. In addition, a room and parlor self-contained goes for around 200,000 naira.

3. Echara Road

Echara Road is also another great area to stay in Nsukka. It is a slightly wide area. However, you’ll enjoy staying close to Urban Girls Secondary School or what is termed as Urban Girls Road. There is constant power supply here, and it is close to Building Materials Market, Solive Oil, and Barracks.

This area is affordable. You should hold all the budget that we stated for Orba Road here.

4. Ofulonu Road

Ofulonu is mostly occupied by working-class people. A majority of people who stay at Ofulonu Road are workers at Nsukka Local Government or University of Nigeria, Nsukka. It is averagely affordable. There is constant power supply, and government water supply as well. The shortfall is that there is the issue poor drainage.

To rent a flat here, you should hold around 400,00 naira. To rent a self-contained room, you should hold around 150,000 naira. To rent a self-contained room and parlor, you should make a budget of around 200,000 to 250,000 naira.

5. Hill Top

For students of UNN, Hill Top Nsukka is the best student area in Nsukka. It is very close to UNN, and it bubbles well. It is also close to the main market and main park.

Notwithstanding its closeness, Hill Top isn’t much of an ideal place to stay. It is heavily crowded. The water supply here is not good, and getting water is expensive. The cost of living generally here is expensive. Nonetheless, the power supply here is great.

To rent a good self-contained room here, you should hold around 200,000 naira and above. You can also see cheaper self-contained room but they are always not too good. A single room can go for around 75,000 naira. A flat here goes for 500,000 naira and above. For a room and parlor self-contained, you should hold around 300,000 naira.


These areas mentioned here are the best places to live in Nsukka. You should make your findings about them before you make your own choice. While making choices, you should consider the amenities in the place, cost of living, and all others.