Best Places to Live in Onitsha

5 Best Places to Live in Onitsha

Onitsha is a good place to consider for those who want to go into physical business, and trade and commerce. This city houses the biggest market in West Africa. It also houses many other specialized markets. In this post, we’ll be presenting the best places to live in Onitsha.

Even though Onitsha is often considered as a city of high-rise buildings, it is not everywhere that you can live in Onitsha. You have to be selective of where to live considering social amenities, power supply, security, solitude, and others.

The good thing about Onitsha is that cost of living here is on the average side. It is even cheaper than most southeastern cities. Now, let’s look at the best areas to live in Onitsha.

Best Places to Live in Onitsha

1. GRA

This is home to the de la creme de la creme of Onitsha. This is where most Onitsha elites live. Here, you have the needed privacy, social amenities, and all that you need. Living in this place, it is as if you aren’t in a rowdy Onitsha.

However, you should note that the cost of living here is high. To rent apartment here or buy a house, you have to be rich.

To rent a complete flat here, you should have around 500,000 naira to a million. A self-contained room should be around 200,000 to 250,000 naira. A room and parlor self-contained should be around 300,000 naira to 400,000.

The light bill and other types of bills you’ll be paying here would be exorbitant as well. The expensive nature of this place is equal to the comfort you’ll get.

2. Awada

This area is for middle-class residents in Onitsha. It is not as green and serene as GRA but it has a good level of calmness and orderliness you won’t find anywhere else in Onitsha. The power supply here is amazing.

The good thing is that this place is almost at the center of Onitsha, and so from here, you can easily go to anywhere in Onitsha.

The cost of living here is affordable. With 350,000 naira to 550,000 naira, you should be able to rent a complete flat here. For a room and parlor self-contained, 200,000 naira to 300,000 naira should get you one. To rent a self-contained room, you should hold about 100,000 to 150,000 naira.

3. Odoakpu

This area is a great place as well. Obviously, you won’t find the sereneness, greenness, and complete infrastructure here; however, it is a place that’s better than other parts of Onitsha.

The cost of living is also affordable.

In this place, you should hold the same amount we mentioned for Awada. Odoakpu and Awada share similarities in cost of living in light bills, water bills, food, infrastructure, and so on. Here, you won’t spend up to what you are supposed to spend in GRA.

4. Fegge

This place is also in the range of Awada and Odoakpu. The streets are somewhat neatly arranged. The social amenities are great. The roads connecting the streets together, and the whole area to another area, are in good condition.

You can also get to important places in Onitsha from here like Main Market, Spare Parts Market, Building Materials Market, and so on.

It is the same amount you budget to get all types of apartment in Awada that you should budget here.

5. 33

This area is at the outskirts of Onitsha, and very far from other places in Onitsha. However, it is a good area to stay, especially if you work or do businesses in areas close to it or in Awka. It is a fast developing place.

Unlike in other parts of Onitsha where you have to battle rowdiness, pollution, and noise, this area is far better. It is serene. The road networks are good. There are also other social amenities here. Nevertheless, the social amenities and infrastructure aren’t as great as that of GRA.

Rent in this place is cheaper than other areas mentioned. You can get a full flat between 300,000 to 450,000 naira. A room and parlor self-contained can be gotten as from 180,000 naira to 250,000 naira. A self-contained room goes for 80,000 to 150,000 naira.


The areas mentioned in this post are the best places to live in Onitsha. You can go through them, and make a choice. Onitsha is a hustling city, so you should be ready to work hard, and live comfort.