Best Places to Live in Calabar

Best Places to Live in Calabar

Calabar is a nice city to live in. It is where you don’t have to worry about congestion, and unkept city. It is reasonably clean and organized. There are many places you can live in Calabar. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the best places to live in Calabar.

People often take Calabar to be a city of high cost of living but it is not really so. You can confidently live a comfortable and affordable life in Calabar. Are you planning on moving to Calabar, or relocating from where you are living in Calabar, this post will guide you on the best places to reside or move to in Calabar.

4 Best Places to Live in Calabar

The areas in Calabar mentioned here aren’t arranged in any order. Read through them, and just make a choice.

1. State Housing

This is a nice area in Calabar that you can live in. The social amenities here are great. It is also coordinated and calm. From here, you can go to many places in Calabar.

It is primarily a housing estate, so expect everything to be neat, well-arranged, and calm. It is a great area.

The fascinating fact about here is that the cost of living is somehow affordable. You can rent a self-contained room here for 200,000 naira. A complete flat apartment goes for about 500,000 naira. Then, you can get a room and parlor self-contained for around 250,000 or 300,000 naira.

2. Federal Housing

This is another housing area or estate that is worth your try. The houses here are arranged, good; the social amenities are present; and it is accessible from most areas in Calabar. This area is worth your money.

Another important detail about here is that it is considerably safe.

You can rent a good self-contained room in this area for 200,000 naira. For a room and parlor self-contained, you should make a budget of 300,000 naira. In addition, for a complete flat, you should keep 500,000 naira.

3. Satellite Town

This is a middle-class people area. Being that it is considerably an advanced area, you are to expect to see the presence of most of the social amenities you need. You don’t have to bother about poor power supply, poor road network, poor water supply, and so on. This area is a good one to check out.

The cost of rent here is exactly as obtained in Federal Housing area. So, if you’re making a budget of moving or renting a house here, you should use what has been stated for Federal Housing.

4. Etta-Agbor Layout

This is an ancient or old part of Calabar city. Even though it is an older part of Calabar, you should know that the required social amenities for comfortable living are present. So, as regarding whether you find living here difficult, it is not difficult at all.

This area is also close to a wide range of important areas in Calabar.

Just as stated in the area of Satellite Town, if you’re thinking towards renting an apartment here, you should use the cost of rent in Federal Housing to make your budget and plans. There is no much difference in the cost of rent in the two areas.


These 4 areas presented in this post are the best places to live in Calabar. They are the places you’ll get the right social amenities you need. They are where you’ll meet the right people to live and work with.