Best Places to Live in Kano

Kano is the second largest commercial city in Nigeria after Lagos. It is Nigeria’s second commercial capital. Kano is the commercial capital of Northern Nigeria. The city serves economic needs of most Nigerians, and also that of neighboring countries like Niger, Chad, and so on. In this post, we’ll be examining the best places to live in Kano.

This will be examined through the eyes of Southeast Nigeria. So, this post is good for people who want to move to Kano from southeast Nigeria, and other parts of the South. Kano is definitely a great place to do business.

If you have the money, and you are looking for serene, secure, secluded areas to live in Kano with the right social amenities, this post is for you.

Best Places to Live in Kano

1. Nasarrawa GRA

This is the best place to live in Kano. It has the best social amenities, and it is secure. This area is also close to most of the important areas in Kano. It is a place you would love to stay.

The negative part of this area is that it is expensive to live in when compared to other parts of Kano. To rent a flat here, you should hold around 700,000 naira, or more, or less. For a self-contained room, you should hold around 250,000 naira. In terms of self-contained room and parlor, you should make a budget of around 380,000 naira.

Since it is a rich area, and it is secluded, you don’t have to worry about religious crises.

2. Hadejia Road

This is also another elite area to stay in Kano. It is serene, secluded, well-planned, and secure. The social amenities here is top-notch.

It is somewhat similar to GRA but the difference is that there is no permanent government presence here. To stay here, you should make the same budget as recommended for Nasarrawa GRA. It is also an expensive area to stay.

3. Court Road

This is an upper and lower middle-class area in Kano. It is not as secluded and serene like the two places mentioned earlier; however, it has the necessary social amenities to make your stay better. It is also a little bit cheaper than the areas mentioned earlier.

For renting apartments, around 600,000 naira, or above, or less, should be enough for a flat. Around 200,000 naira should be alright for a self-contained room. In addition, a budget of 300,000 naira should do for a room and parlor self-contained.

Even though it is not that secluded, it is not prone to security issues, and in terms of rise of religious riots, you are somewhat safe.

4. Bompai

This is a very popular place in Kano. It is also another middle-class area. You won’t find sereness and seclusion here like you would find in areas mentioned earlier; however, it is a good place to stay. The necessary social amenities are present here.

For renting an apartment in this location, you should make the same amount of budget recommended for Court Road. It might be even cheaper. However, it is not as secure as the three places mentioned earlier.

The advantage is that it is a wide area and it is close to a lot of vital areas in Kano.

5. Municipal

This is a more central location in Kano, and it is wide as well like Bompai. It is somehow secluded, and well-planned. Here, you get to share space with different ethnicities and religion. It is to a good extent safe. The area has good social amenities.

The cost of living in this area is not as expensive as other areas mentioned. You can rent a flat for the rate of around 500,000 naira here, or higher, or lower. A self-contained room can go for the rate of around 150,000 naira. In addition, a room and parlor self-contained should be around 250,000 naira, or more, or lower.

If you are Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Efik, Tiv, Yoruba, and other parts of Southern Nigeria seeking to live in Kano, you can also try out Christian-dominated areas to live. These Christian-dominated areas make you feel more secure. It makes you feel protected. From these places you can go out for your daily activities.

These Christian-dominated areas in Kano are:

Sabon Gari

France Road


This post has gone on to present the best places to live in Kano. Kano is a great city that’s good for money making. If you’ve ever considered moving to Kano, this post should be a great guide for you.