Best Places to Live in Jos

Jos is in the middle-belt region of Nigeria. It is city created out of British colonialism and control of Nigeria. It has nice scenery, and a cold or moderately warm weather. It sits at a very high point above sea level, and is one of the highest points in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best places to live in Jos in case you want to move to this nice city.

In choosing some of these places, we considered security, road network, and the provision of other social amenities. We also considered their location in the city. This post is a good guide to direct you as you make your choice of where to stay in Jos.

This post is to guide people of Southeast and other parts of the country that plans on living in Jos. It is also for people who are already resident in Jos.

Best Places to Live in Jos

1. Rayfield

Rayfield is the best area to live in Jos, and it is the most expensive area in Jos as well. It is where the seat of Plateau State Government is. A lot of Jos elites, and elites from other Nigerian cities, live in Jos. It is green. It is safe. It is cool. They have all the social amenities you can think of.

We reiterate that Rayfield is expensive. Thus, if you want to stay here, you’ll have to pay a lot to settle in in terms of accommodation, power bill, water bill, and so on.

To get a full flat here, you’ll spend around 600,000 naira to over a million naira. For a room self-contained, you’ll spend about 250,000 naira, or more, or less. A room and parlor self-contained goes for around 350,000 naira, or more, or less.

Here, the amount you spend in purchasing anything is usually higher than found in other parts of Jos.

2. GRA area

The GRA area is also another good place to stay. It is secluded. It is safe. It is greeny. There is good road network. There are also other vital social amenities here.

Just like Rayfield, living here is expensive when compared to other parts of Jos. Nonetheless, it is not as expensive as Rayfield. It is somewhat more affordable.

To rent a self-contained room here, you should hold around 200,000 naira. For a room and parlor self-contained, you should make a budget of around 300,000 naira. In terms of securing a full flat, you should hold around 500,000 naira.

The GRA area is a more central area in Jos than Rayfield, and you can easily get to the market and anywhere else in Jos.

3. Federal and State Low Cost

This is another quiet area you’ll enjoy. Even though it is not secluded, it is quiet and safe. It is mostly filled with middle-class individuals, so you’re safe. It has the right social amenities, and good road network.

Life here is also cheaper than you’ll find in GRA and Rayfield. However, we encourage you to make the same budget for houses as presented in GRA area. Definely, the houses would be cheaper but consider making the same budget.

4. Dadin Kowa

This area in Jos is more of an suburb area in Jos. Notwithstanding that is an outskirt area in the city, it is a fine place to stay. There are a great number of people living here. You’ll find a good number of social amenities here.

The best fact about this place is that it is very affordable. To rent a flat here, you should keep around 350,000 naira. For a room and parlor self-contained, it should be around 200,000 naira. A self-contained room goes for around 130,000 naira.

The negative part of this area is that it is not as secure, serene, organized, and beautiful, like other areas mentioned.

5. Tudun Wada

This area is similar to Dadin Kowa in a lots of aspects. The difference is that it is more disorganized than Dadin Kowa. It is practically the same budget you make for Dadin Kowa that you should make here.

The security here is not that top notch. As an Igbo or southeast person moving to Jos, we suggest that you shouldn’t stay here. For Igbo or southeast person, you should try Apata, Busa Buji, and the three areas mentioned earlier. Rock Haven is also a get place to stay in Jos as an Igbo, Ijaw, Ibibio, Efik, and other areas from the southeast.


This post has tried to look at this topic of best places to live in Jos from the eyes of a southeast person. It is a good guide that would direct you properly on the best areas in Jos. These areas mentioned here are great places to stay that you’ll enjoy.