best dental insurance companies to consider next time

Best Dental Insurance Companies to Consider Next Time

The best dental insurance companies to consider next time when trying to get your dental set insured is often a source of worry for a lot of people. In this post, we would be presenting some of the best dental insurance companies who offer great services and affordable prices. These people offer good services, affordable and are the best out there by most standards.

If you’re looking for a dental insurance company to patronize for the first time or there’s one you’re patronizing and you need a change, this post should be able to guide you on the best dental insurance companies to patronize. These companies would deliver good services to you. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being offered poor dental services or fret about when you’ve teeth problem. You’re secured.

Before we move on to exploring these best dental companies, it is important we ask related questions and answer them according to you may want to know as well.

What is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is covering your teeth and gum in a health insurance in terms of the cleaning, the filling, the treatment of this part of your body. Instead of the regular health insurance where your entire health well-being is covered, for the dental insurance your dental set and everything that has to do with your dental health is covered–the gum, the teeth, the tongue and all.

Delta Dental writes that a good dental health well-being contributes well enough to the general health and well-being of the individual. As good dental healthcare prevents obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses in one way or another. So, this the reason a large amount of Americans around 75% are on dental health insurance.

Dental Insurance Companies

The important question in the minds of people is always what is the best insurance company to consider next time? In the US, even though about 90% of the population are covered with dental insurance; there are many dental insurance companies or health scheme to choose from. The people become confused on which one to choose from and select. The reoccurring question becomes what is the best insurance company to consider or choose to run your dental insurance?

The many dental insurance companies provide wide range of services and with a wide range of pricing. There are expensive ones as well as cheaper ones.

The Best Dental Insurance Companies to Consider Next Time

There would be a list of some dental insurance companies you can choose from. They offer a wide range of services and different pricing plans that might be suitable to you. Are you looking for dental health insurance for yourself? Or are you looking for the suitable dental health insurance for your company? Do you have the need for the dental health insurance company that would give you good value for your budget?

You can always read through the write up below and make a choice

1. Guardian Life

This company offers dental health services like preventive cleanings, x-ray, teeth fillings and even surgery depending on your pricing plan. The higher the pricing plan, the higher the quality of services rendered. The company is domiciled in the United States and offers these services in most of the states there.

They have a finding that revealed that good dental care prevents heart diseases by 67%, osteoporosis by 50%, and diabetes by 29%. They have about 120,000 dentists in their roll call. Thus, you’ve the choice to choose from any of the dentists closest to you.

To them, dental care is an important aspect of human life, aside from the effects it has on the person’s eating and drinking, it also has general effects on the body and should be taken more seriously than some illnesses. With Guardian Life you have an opportunity of getting insured through your job or work as most people in their scheme get insured through their work. So, you are taxed from your salaries and not personally.

They have a wide range of plans that is flexible and affordable for all:

  1. Guardian Life Dental Advantage Gold PPO: This is the highest priced dental health insurance for people and is not to priced as such is affordable even though it is the must priced.  It is for individuals covered under a company scheme and also for those who aren’t covered under company dental health scheme. This option covers all the services offered by the organization from simple check ups to a limited amount of surgery.
  1. Guardian Life Dental Advantage Silver:  This one is good for single individuals and it is less priced than the Gold option. However, this one doesn’t cover as much services as covered by the Gold option.
  1. Bronze: This one is lowly priced compared to the earlier two. However, the pricing option only covers for cleaning and filling services. It is also not available in all states as it is only in 4 states that you can assess this service. It is cheap, though, as low as $8 monthly.

The company is great–their services are top notch–, and if the pricing plans suit you, you can always try them out. Check out their website.

2. Delta Dental

This company provides for individuals, companies and has plans for families. The company offers a long term benefit and is cost-effective for whatever plan you intend to secure or use. The company states in a report they released in 2020 that Americans prioritized oral health during the COVID-19 pandemic to show how seriously they took oral health.

The site of the company offers option of intending clients choosing their preferred location and choice of downloading and working with their app.

They also have a flexible and affordable pricing plans:

  1. Dental Dental PPO: Selecting this option and pricing plan, you’ve access to a wide range of dentists in all locations and also a wide range of services. An individual, family or company can choose to accept this on behalf of the workers.
  1. Delta Dental Premier: This is almost similar to PPO, but the difference is that you are offered a little bit limited services compared to PPO. The pricing is cheaper.
  1. Delta Dental Pro: This one is a slightly limited version of Delta Dental Premier.
  1. Delta Dental PPO Plus Premier: This one combines PPO and Premier, and thus it is costlier than Premier and offer wider services and wider number of dentists they can choose from.
  • Delta Care USA (HMO): This one offers low preventive and treatment care. It is more affordable but the services and choice options given to you are way limited.
  • Delta Dental Patient Direct: This option you are offered option to choose your dentist directly and you would be treated without file work on you. This way it cut costs and you don’t have to go formally through the company. It is the cheapest option.

Delta Dental also has good options for retired and aged people. There is also an option for insuring your eye health known as Delta Vision. You should considered their wonderful services and flexible pricing plans to know if they would fit your desires and budget.  

3. Met Life

This company is children-loving as they offer cheaper services for children. This dental health insurance company is focused on providing good service for the family. There are a good option in this best dental insurance companies to consider next time. They also have a mobile app you can download and use.

You have the flexibility of not only pricing plans but choice of a dentist. They do give away pricing by offering examination and cleaning 100% in all the pricing plans. There is extensive network of dentists. Clients are also capable of receiving discounts of 30% – 45%. You can also get emergency services.

They have a wide range of plans for different classes of people:

  1. Met Life PPO: This is the most expensive and it covers wider range of services and dentists.
  1. Met Life Dental Insurance for Veterans: It offers affordable insurance for veterans.
  1. Federal Delta Plans/HMO: This one offers a more affordable dental insurance for people, and it is mostly on individual and family plans. It is incorporated with the Federal Government dental insurance care.
  1. Met Life Take-along: This one incorporates mobility in its plans and people have the option of choosing the closest dentists or how they want it to be. It is the most affordable.

4. Cigna Dental

This is the cheapest dental insurance company reviewed here in this best dental insurance companies to consider next time. They have a somewhat similar cheap pricing plan for all clients. Thus, it is affordable for any person in any economic class in the United States.

It offers option of budget and spending of less than $1 a day for clients. Notwithstanding the low price, you’ve access to 92,700+ dentists in over 309,000 locations. This company is so affordable that with 4 cents you can assess dental examination and check up. There is also 24/7 customer service provision.

There is a wide range of pricing plans with their prices well stated:

  1. Cigna Dental 1500: This one is the highest plan and offer wider services and options at $39/monthly.
  1. Cigna Dental 1000: This one offers a more affordable plan with slightly limited service at $33/monthly.
  1. Cigna Dental Preventive: This one mostly offers more preventive services than the treatment at $19/monthly.

IV: Cigna Dental Care for Senior: This option is for the aged and retired, and it is quite affordable.

You should consider this company as it offers the cheapest dental insurance that would be nowhere above your budget.


The companies reviewed here can easily stand as the best dental insurance companies to consider next time in terms of quality of services, affordability, and other features. No matter your budget or what you want, either of these companies can meet your needs and budget. You just have to study them, check out their websites and make the right choice.

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