Advertise with Us or Do a Guest Post at a Cheap Price!

EVURA, a premium and fast growing finance, economy, and tech media platform in Nigeria, invites readers and the general public to advertise with us or do a guest post at a cheap price. We offer excellent services that will be a quick return of your investment, and bring visibility, sales, and clients to your website or business.

Advertise with Us or Do a Guest Post at a Cheap Price!


There are many reasons why advertising or doing a guest post with us is a good idea.

Why you need to Advertise or do a Guest Post with EVURA?


  1. High Domain and Page Authority

Our page and domain authority is high. This means our pages rank well on Google and other search engines. Once an article about your website or business is published on our website, it is pushed to the 1st page of Google and other Search Engines where clients and readers can find them. This is more effective than advertising offline.

  1. Good Traffic

EVURA is fast-growing, and from 2024, the growth will be exponential. There is around 10,000 monthly readers and visitors checking the website. So imagine how many people are checking out your business if you advertise or do guest post with us. It create a great visibility for your business and brings in clients.

  1. Budget-Friendly and Cheap

Our advertising and guest post publication charges are very cheap. It depends on what you want to advertise and post, and the duration. This means that our charges ranges from around 25 dollars to 250 dollars, very affordable for a growing or big business.

  1. Bonus and Incentives

Aside from dropping your advert on our website, we also help you push it through our social media pages and email subscribers: from email to WhatsApp to Facebook to Telegram, and then LinkedIn. (Although, terms and conditions apply for this).

  1. Get Clients, Sales, and Visibility

One the chief reasons why people and businesses advertise is to get clients, sales, and visibility. EVURA offers you all of these, especially businesses that are related to finance, loans, tech, and offering of different products and services. This will increase the income of your business. No one wants to lose.



These are the reasons why you need to advertise with us or do a guest post at a cheap price! We offer excellent services, which converts, at affordable prices. You’ll be sure to gain a lot advertising with us or doing a guest post with us.

You can reach us on WhatsApp/Call 08143058610 or email

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