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6 Best and Most Profitable Stocks or Shares to buy in Nigeria in 2024


A lot of Nigerians into the trading and business of stocks and shares are worried about the profitability of Nigerian stocks and which one to buy in 2024. You know the act of buying good stocks is a rare gift. In this post, we’ll be guiding you on the 6 best and most profitable stocks or shares to buy in Nigeria in 2024. This is to ensure your money doesn’t lose value.

Now, let’s take a look at the details of this article.

6 Best and Most Profitable Stocks or Shares to buy in Nigeria in 2024


The stocks appearing in this section of this article are really profitable stocks and shares you can buy in Nigeria in 2024 or right now!

1. Dangote Refinery


Dangote Refinery is yet to go fully public but when it does grab their shares like no other. This is because Dangote Refinery is the biggest refinery in Nigeria and it’s into a lot of things. Thus, it will be super profitable. You can make more than 9% annual gain or growth of your money with Dangote Refinery shares.

It is projected that Dangote Refinery will go public in late or mid-2024.

2. Transcorp


Transcorp has been expanding in the recent months and years. In 2024 and beyond, it will expand further. It will do more when the investment of Transcorp in power, energy, fuel, and electricity, comes in fully and is made public. Transcorp is expected like no other in 2024 or 2025. The sure thing is that you’ll see about 7% increase, bonus, or profit of your investment annually till it hits the bull-run.

3. BUA Food


BUA Food is also another company, shares, or stocks, that is expected to increase and add great value. The major reason is that food and agro-allied will be a big thing in 2024. There are lots of agro exports from Nigeria, and the population of the country is growing every day. As BUA grows and diversifies in the food industry, we expect more growth and profitability of the stocks of the company.

You should expect 6% to 8% growth, bonus or profit annually on the stocks of this company.

4. Zenith


Zenith is the most profitable and one of the biggest banks in Nigeria. For over 5 years now, Zenith has held on to its title of the most profitable bank. The stocks of the bank are doing well as well.

CBN recently mentioned the policy of recapitalization of Nigerian Commercial Banks, so it is expected that Zenith Bank will sell more shares. You need to hurry and get these shares because banks will continue to remain very profitable in Nigeria. Possessing the stocks of this bank means you can get around 5.5% to 8% of growth, bonus, or profit annually.

5. Access Holding


ThisĀ company or organization is in charge of Access Banks and all its other businesses. It has the largest base of bank customers having taken over a couple of banks. You know what this means? Profit!

Access Holding has one of the best performing stocks in Nigeria, and they will continue to perform. You should get your money ready to buy their stocks and shares for assured profitability in 2024. You can get 5% to 7% growth, profit, or bonus of their shares annually.

6. Okomu Oil


Okomu Oil as a company is a company that has remained very profitable for a while now. They are into the palm oil sector, which is a gold mine, of course. The shares and stocks of this company aren’t as popular as the ones mentioned earlier but they are profitable. You can make achieve about 5% annual growth, bonus, and profit when having the shares of Okomu oil.



The stocks mentioned here are the 6 best and most profitable stocks or shares to buy in Nigeria in 2024.

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