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5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Enugu


Enugu is the capital of Enugu State. Aside from being the administrative capital of the state, you’re also to know that businesses move considerably well here. There are a good number of profitable businesses you can start here that are capable of giving you good returns. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 most profitable businesses to start in Enugu.

These businesses are chosen because of their acceptability, and how easy it is to make turn over in Enugu city.

5 Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Enugu

1. Restaurant and Bar

Enugu residents love good food and drinks. If you make good food with great taste, there is no way you won’t be patronized in Enugu. You can sell it in small scale or big scale; you can make it in Enugu.

The characteristics or features you have to consider to sell is making good food and drinks, selling for good price, and staying in a busy and good location. You should do market research and know what type of foods and drinks your location wants.

2. Transportation and Haulage

There are a lot of wealthy men staying in Enugu as well as the less fortunate people. You can start up a transportation business that serves the need of the both markets. Even though it looks like the market is saturated in Enugu, it is not.

You are sure to make a kill when you introduce intra or inter city vehicles to play for you in terms of buses, cabs, Keke, and so on.

You can also have trucks delivering goods from anywhere into Enugu, and from Enugu to anywhere else. In addition, you also have bikes doing intra city delivery. The market is a wide one you can cash out from.

3. Setting up a School

Enugu is an education city. There are many goof schools in this city but they are still not enough. Every day people are moving into Enugu, and the number of kids is increasing. There are still areas where there are few schools. You can set up schools here, build it to be standard, and roll out adverts to attract pupils.

If you are setting up a school in Enugu, it is has to be standard. When it is not standard enough, you won’t get much learners.

4. Shortlet Apartments

Hotels are very popular in Enugu, and there are many classy hotels people can choose from. However, what people don’t know is that the time of shortlet apartments in Nigeria has come. People would soon prefer to stay in a shortlet apartment than staying in a hotel.

Shortlet apartment is like having a house or flat to yourself for a day or more, the more you stay, the more you pay. More people are subscribing to this idea. You can get empty houses and apartments and market them online for people to stay in. The good side of it is that they get to enjoy the comfort of the house all to themselves.

It is a good business you should try out.

5. Trading along Busy Streets and Lines in the Big Markets

Buying and selling, trading, along busy streets and lines in big markets is another money giver for residents of Enugu. If you can secure shop in these busy locations and sell fast moving goods, your turn over will be massive. The fast selling goods that move in Enugu are foodstuffs, clothes, shoes, bags, bread, beverages, toiletries, and fruits.

The formular behind this is selling fast moving goods in busy locations.


These are 5 most profitable businesses to start in Enugu as has been successfully presented. You can go through the list and pick the option that suits your desire. These businesses will easily move in Enugu.