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5 Best Countries to Migrate to from Nigeria


Most Nigerians are trying to get away from the hardship, they state, is in Nigeria. There are countries Nigerians can migrate to and be successful in these countries. In this post, we’ll be looking at 5 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

There are 5 top countries you can migrate to as a Nigerian and you’ll be sure of making a good living for yourself.

5 Best Countries to Migrate to from Nigeria


1. USA


USA is still the best country a person can migrate to from anywhere in Nigeria. It has a lot of economic opportunities and potentials for anyone who wants to migrate. Even if you don’t get the visa or you aren’t allowed to enter the country on your first attempt, you can move to another country and easily travel to the US from there.

In the USA, you can be anything from a plumber to an electrician to a carpenter to a doctor, you’ll always find your way in the country so far you can work and be dutiful. There’s money to be made in the US, and with lots of other opportunities.

The best way to go to the US is through study Visa or student route. You can do this by applying and gaining admission as an undergraduate or post-graduate student in the US.

For those in health sciences, medicine, or nursing, US is the best location you can move to.

2. Austria/Germany


Austria/Germany are also beautiful countries you can migrate to from Nigeria. People mostly overlook these countries, but they are good migration opportunities for Nigerians in them. It is very easy to migrate to these countries.

The easiest way you can migrate to these countries is to study. Even though they aren’t English speaking countries, their universities have courses taught in English. You can apply study in their universities whether as an undergraduate or post-graduate student, and you will easily be accepted.

In addition, their school fees are very cheap. From these countries, you can easily move to the US. It is a good route to move to the US. You can also get jobs here while studying.

3. Canada


Canada is a hot-cake as well even though it is not that economically viable like other countries on this list. In Canada, the jobs aren’t so well-paid, and most of your money will be going to taxes and living standard. However, you have all you need, and you can save some bucks.

Canada has lots of study and job opportunities. You can apply to study, and from there, you get a job. Getting well-paying remote jobs in the US while staying in Canada is also an option you should look at.

4. UK


The UK is also another country you can migrate to that’s one of the best countries to migrate to for Nigerians. Of course, it is an English-speaking country, a lot of Nigerians are there, and so, it is very easy to settle there. It is also easy to get jobs in the UK, even though, they don’t pay too well.

UK pays very well for those in health sciences, though. So, if you wish to relocate to the UK, you can take any route, but the fastest route is through student route or study visa. From UK, you can easily migrate to the US or any other country.

One of the good things about UK is that you can easily be a permanent resident or citizen within a shorter time than what is obtained in the US.

5. Australia


Australia is another rising country or shining star among countries Nigerians can migrate to. You can easily get your visa to Australia especially through study routes. However, the negative side is that there aren’t much jobs in Australia except in the health sciences, tech, and business/finance.

Nonetheless, you can study in Australia and use the certificate to migrate easily to countries like US, UK, and Canada. In Australia, you can also find considerable good jobs but not well-paid. You’ll also find it easy to get remote jobs in Australia than when you were in Nigeria.



These are the 5 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria. This post is a good guide to lead you right. Once you follow this, you are sure to get a good thing out of your sojourn.

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