5 Best and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Owerri

Owerri is the capital of Imo State. It is one of the biggest and most beautiful cities in southeast. People often consider Owerri to be a city of leisure; however, this is not totally true. You can make a good amount of money in Owerri through business as it has a good number of middle-class earners. In this post, we’ll be checking out the 5 best and most profitable businesses to start in Owerri.

Before we go on, you should know that Owerri is a city that fancied good appearance, looks, and beauty, so you should always make your business look neat, presentable, for it to sell.

5 Best and Most Profitable Businesses to Start in Owerri

The businesses that are listed here are not listed or defined according to any amount. The businesses here can be started with variety of amounts and assets. You just have to go through them to know the best for you to venture into.

1. Trading of Common Groceries along Busy Roads and Markets

This is the best and most profitable business to start in Owerri. It will move almost immediately you set it up. This is because Owerri has a large population, and they are always shopping for groceries. There is also good amount of money in circulation in the city.

If you sell popular and common groceries along busy roads on the streets or in the big markets of Owerri, you will definitely make a kill. However, you should note that you have to start your stall in a big way, well-designed, for Owerri people like fancy businesses. By having a wonderful and good design, they are attracted to your business. You also have to make your prices affordable.

When we write about common and popular groceries we mean things like bread, beverages, toiletries, clothes, fruits, wines, foodstuffs, etc. It is similar to what ShopRite and other grocery stores do. You look for a good location where people with the right purchasing power are, and they you set up your business.

2. Exotic Club, Bar and Event Center

This business can never be exhausted in Owerri. There are still many streets and busy roads without exotic club, bar, and event center. You check the buying power of the people staying in those areas, how busy the roads are, and then you set up yours. You should remember not to set up this business in a poor area or where there is little movement; set up this business in a good area with good movement.

3. Fashion Design and Sales

This is also another profitable business you can do in Owerri. Owerri residents love fashion and have good fashion sense. There are also new events or outings to do at all times. So, you will make good money setting up a tailoring shop or clothing material shop or even the sale of already made clothes. To optimize this, you should advertise your business online for maximum reach, especially if you are a tailor or already made clothes retailer.

4. Event Planning, Catering, and Restaurant

This is also a great business you can do in Owerri. There are always events hosted in the city every week. You can be the event planner and caterer at these events. In addition, you can have a restaurant as well where you cook and serve food to the public. If you have a large network, and you’re good at what you do, you’ll definitely get loads of clients. They will pay well, too.

5. Schools

You might think that the idea of schools are saturated but they are not. You can always establish a school and get learners who can pay good amount of money as fees. Owerri is an educational city, so if your school is good and standard, and the right advertisement done, you’ll surely get learners.


Listed here on this post are the 5 best and most profitable businesses to start in Owerri. You can make a choice as you pick any of the businesses. You’ll make good amount of money from these business if you start and handle them right.

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