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10 Largest and Most Successful Stockbrokers in Nigeria 2022

2022 was a year filled with intriguing as well as heartbreaking events. It wasn’t really a good financial year. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that stocks weren’t traded, and that stockbroking companies didn’t make good turnover. In this post, we’ll be looking at the 10 largest and most successful stockbrokers in Nigeria 2022.

For this list, we’ll be using how large or successful their stockbroking was for the financial year in view. To calculate their success, it was mostly the amount of stocks they traded that was used. Thus, the higher the number or amount of stocks a company traded, the higher the company is graded on the list.

You are to know that yearly stock trading results vary. Therefore, a company might be successful for one financial year doesn’t mean they’d be successful for another. You should read this report with only the 2022 financial year in mind.

10 Largest and Most Successful Stockbrokers in Nigeria 2022

1. Cardinalstone Securities – They traded 571.5 billion naira in stocks.

2. Stanbic IBTC Stocbrokers – The stocks traded was worth 183.86 billion naira.

3. APT – 179.1 billion naira was traded.

4. Meristem Stockbrokers Limited – 119.2 billion naira.

5. EFG Hermes Limited – 115.7 billion naira.

6. Cordros Securities Limited – 103.04 billion naira.

7. CSL Stockbrokers Limited – 85.60 billion naira.

8. Chapel Hill Denham Securities – 79.14 billion naira worth of stocks were traded.

9. FBN Quest Securities Limited – 68.64 billion naira was traded in stocks.

10. Investment One Stockbrokers – 41.23 billion naira.


These are the 10 Largest and Most Successful Stockbrokers in Nigeria 2022. Even though we had earlier mentioned that you shouldn’t use the results of the financial year in view to judge your decision on the stockbroker to use, you should know that some companies on this list have been consistent with how good they are. It is a 50%-50% guess, so you can equally give them half of your trust in purchasing and selling stocks.

Source: NGX