10 Biggest and Best Performing Stocks in Nigeria 2022

Nigerians who buy and sell stocks are usually disturbed on which stocks to trade on. 2022 wasn’t really a fantastic financial year as there was widespread economic difficulties. This, in some ways, affected the performance of stocks in Nigeria and all over the world. Nonetheless, there are some Nigerian stocks that didn’t perform badly. In this post, we’ll be looking at the 10 biggest and best performing stocks in Nigeria 2022.

Some of these stocks did marvelously well that they witnessed over 100% increase. This means that they were very valuable in 2022. The people who traded and purchased them made good fortune from them.

However, you should know that the idea that these stocks performed well in 2022 doesn’t mean they’ll perform well in other financial years. You should involve stockbrokers or people who are very knowledgeable about Nigerian stocks before heading on to trade or make purchases. You should also use your own knowledge and intuition to trade with caution. Now, we take a look at these stocks.

10 Biggest and Best Performing Stocks in Nigeria 2022

1. Multiverse Mining – This saw a masive growth or increase of around +1890%. This makes it the best performing Nigerian stock in 2022. Its expansive growth was super massive. Even way way bigger than the stock in the second position.

2. Wema Bank – The stocks of Wema Bank continues to increase and improve. It is around +441.7%. There are forecasts that the stocks will still do well.

3. Meyer PLC – around +393.5%.

4. Thomas Wyatt – around +177.1%.

5. Academy Press – This is a publishing house. The stocks are impressive regarding that publishing and reading has taken a big hit in Nigeria. It is about +158%.

6. Champion Brew – around +134%.

7. Learn Africa – This is also another publishing house doing well. The stocks performed at around +88%.

8. PZ Cussons – This is an old company. However their stocks are doing well regardless. It is around +86%.

9. E-Tranzact – This is a financial transaction company in Nigeria. The stocks performed at around +85.2%.

10. Guinness – The stocks of this company performs well at most points in Nigerian Stock Exchange market. It is valued at +77.7%.


This post has examined the 10 biggest and best performing stocks in Nigeria 2022. You can take this post as a fair or partial guide to lead you on your plans of buying stocks in 2023 and beyond. However, you should tread with caution, and if possible, involve an expert in the matter.