The Statistics of People Registered for NIN in South East, Nigeria, as of the First Quarter of 2022


The idea of a National Identity Number (NIN) was recently introduced by the Federal Government. It was introduced to tackle the issue of the lack of registration and documentation of Nigerians. So, the government made it compulsory that all phone numbers must be linked to NIN. Since then, people have been registering and linking their phone numbers.

One of the advantages of this Federal Government’s policy is that you can know the number of Nigerians in a particular location. You have access to data, figures, and stats, in case you want to do business or run a program.

This data and stats are important. If for one thing, it has been able to show the number of phone users or subscribers in each region and location. In this post, we are presenting the figures of South East, Nigeria. How many Nigerians have registered for NIN in South East, Nigeria, since its inception till the first quarter of 2022?

The stats are available below.

Number of NIN Registered Nigerians in the South East States from Inception to First Quarter, of 2022

We are going to present this state by state. According to the coverage of EVURA, there are 10 states in focus in South East and South-South. We are ranking them based on the biggest in number to the smallest.

1. Rivers State: 2,601,167

2. Delta State: 2,310,989

3. Anambra State: 2,125,978

4. Akwa Ibom State: 1,495,762

5. Imo State: 1,488,454

6. Enugu State: 1,413,625

7. Abia State: 1,393,653

8. Cross Rivers State: 978,063

9. Ebonyi State: 689,555

10. Bayelsa State: 552,597

Automatically, Rivers State in the South-South geo-political zone of Nigeria has the largest population and number of registered NIN people in the South East while Bayelsa State, also in the South-South, has the least number of registered phone users.

It will interest you to know that among all the states here, Rivers and Delta made it to the top 10 in terms of a large number of registered people in the whole country.


You can use this data in terms of marketing your products online or setting up a business. This data is near accurate as it showcases the population range of these states. Utilize the information very well.

Source: NIMC