The Remodeling of Ariaria International Market, Aba, and its Economic Importance

Ariaria International Market is in Aba. It is one of the largest and most popular market in Nigeria. It is known for its handmade and locally produced products like shoes, clothes, plastics, and so many more. The market is a great driver of the Abia State economy. On this post, we’ll be looking at the remodelling of Ariaria International Market, Aba, and its economic importance.

However, before we go into that, it is important we write about some of the details of this great market.

Where is Ariaria International Market?

Ariaria International Market is in Aba, Abia State, Southeast Nigeria. You can get to the market from anywhere in Nigeria. It is close to the Port Harcourt-Enugu expressway. It is also close or located along Faulks Road, Aba. Once you get into Aba, you can simply locate the market by picking a cab.

What’s the History of Ariaria International Market?

Ariaria International Market is an ancient market that has been moved a couple of times in Aba. It was the foremost market the British met when they arrived Aba in the early 20th century. Due to Aba’s location and the indigenes’ warm reception of the white men, the British made Aba an administrative and trading center.

The existing market in Aba called Ekeoha Market flourished. At that time, it was just like any other rural market in Southeast Nigeria, and it only traded on Eke market days. Due to the presence of the British, and how they traded with the people, the market flourished.
However, the market got burned repeatedly due to the nature of the building materials. It was moved to its present location in 1978 with block buildings, and well-planned than before. The market reached a great height in popularity in the 80s and 90s due to its sale and large production size of locally manufactured products.

As the market expanded and got more jam-packed, it created more problem like cases of waste pollution, congestion, flooding, theft, and so many more. It got to a time that Aba was considered the dirtiest and most lawless city in Southeast Nigeria. This was what influenced the decision of the current Abia State Government to remodel the market.

What is the Worth of Ariaria International Market?

This market is worth quite a good amount because there is a high level of trade, industry, and productivity going on in the market. It is the second largest market in Southeast Nigeria after Onitsha Main Market.

There are over 30,000 shops in the market. It is Nigeria’s no. 1 shoe and leather market. It serves lots of producers, importers, and exporters.
You should know that any worth we give here is estimated. This market is worth around $1 billion.

The Remodeling of Ariaria International Market, Aba, and its Economic Importance

The Government of Okezie Ikpeazu has taken on the remodelling of the market since 2021. By this, most sections of the market will be rebuilt to the level of modern and more international standard.

Some buildings were demolished, and are being rebuilt. These arrangements and structures of these buildings are well-planned. There will be desilting of the drainage channels called gutters. There will be deployment of better security network and structure. Thus, the level of chaos and disorderliness in the market would be reduced.
The roads connecting to the market and within the market would be reconstructed.

In addition, there are also ongoing plans to install an independent power generating plant. This plant will be able to generate power to serve only the market. Thus, there will constant power supply to the market and surrounding business areas. It will reduce the cost of production by more than 30% for most businesses.

The economic importance of this are:

1. Flooding will be eliminated, thereby saving the traders from the constant huge loss of money and goods.

2. It will bring more buyers to the market. With the better infrastructure and organization in the market, there will sure be an increase in the number or buyers in the market.

3. Abia State economy will improve. This is more especially as regarding the economy of Aba.

4. The Abia State Government will make better and higher revenue from the market.

5. Generally, it will improve the standard of living of the traders, residents in Aba, as well as the people who buy from the market. Better market means better productivity, and cheaper prices.


The Remodeling of Ariaria International Market, Aba, and its economic importance is a good detail you should know about. All the changes that are more to be made to this markets are great ones. They won’t only be helpful easing and improving the livelihood of the traders, they would also help in improving the livelihoods of Aba residents and the buyers.