Chief William Agbo: The CEO of Wilson Group of Companies, Bestie Noodles, Solive Oil, Willis Gas …

Chief William Agbo is one of Nsukka’s, Igbo’s, and Southeast’s biggest entrepreneur, choosing to ply his trade in Nsukka city. Growing his company at a time when most of his mates were establishing businesses in other locations in Nigeria, choosing Nsukka, marked him out as different and unique. In this article, we’ll be presenting the biography of Chief William Agbo, CEO of Wilson Group, Bestie Noodles, Solive Oil.

Biography of Chief William Agbo, CEO of Wilson Group, Bestie Noodles, Solive Oil, Willis Gas

Chief William Agbo was born and is from Eha-Alumona in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. Born into a poor home, he set out early in life knowing that he had to work hard to fend for himself and his family. His situation was made worse that he lost his father at a tender age.

As a child, Chief William Agbo was very hardworking. He did basically most things children of his age did–he hunted snails, he picked palm kernel, he ran errands for people, and many more. As he grew, he did more strenuous tasks like mason jobs, serving as loader for beer wholesalers, and many more. This was way before he got into the beer business himself.

He got into beer business, and he excelled in it. From starting small, he became a major supplier of beer in Nsukka. He made enough money from it that he diversified in business. He went into crushing of palm kernel.

It is worthy to note that at the point of getting into the business of crushing palm kernel, there were many people into it already, including the very rich Umanu. This didn’t deter him. He started it at Umuakashi Village of Nsukka.

Little by little, the palm kernel crushing became a success. He started Solive Oil. In the same place, he diversified to Soap production, and much later, noodles production. It was around 2017 – 2018 that he started the production of Bestie Noodles.

Chief William Agbo is into real estate, gas supply and distribution, water supply and distribution, education, and many more.

He is very much a patriotic Nsukka man. Having being born, and achieving success in Nsukka, he has given a lot back to Nsukka. He offers scholarship to many students at tertiary, secondary, and primary level. He assists the Nigerian Police, Nsukka division, in various ways and multiple times. His fire truck has helped in quelling fire in Nsukka on multiple occasions.

His businesses in and around Nsukka offers over 1000 direct and indirect jobs.

He has hectares of farmlands containing palm trees that supply his factory in different locations in the Nsukka region. He is also looking towards expanding his business as he is building another big factory and farmland in Abia State.

He is married with children. After losing his first wife, he married the second wife. His grown-up children and his wife are vital parts and managers of his businesses.

What is the Worth of Chief William Agbo?

Chief William Agbo is worth around or more than $100 million. He is one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs in Enugu State. He is the second richest man in Nsukka zone of Enugu State.


SOURCE: Vanguard