Chief Chinedu Onu, the CEO of InGrace Motors and its Subsidiary Companies, and an Astute Politician

Some people would have heard about In-Grace Motors without knowing who the owner is. In this post, we’ll be exploring the biography of Chief Chinedu Onu, the CEO of InGrace Motors and its subsidiary companies. There are many wonderful details you should know about this enterprising man.

Biography of Chief Chinedu Onu, the CEO of InGrace Motors and its Subsidiary Companies, and an Astute Politician

Chief Chinedu Onu was born on 4th January, 1970. He is from Ozalla Ezimo in Udenu LGA. He was born to Chief and Mrs. Linus Onu. His parents were industrious business people. As a child, he was inspired by their industrious nature that he had to take after them
His parents were one of the earliest business people to start with stalls in Obollo-afor. They were successful to a great extent. This is where young Chinedu Onu learned good enterprising nature. His parents were primarily traders before they diversified into other business interests, including transportation and logistics business.
Chief Chinedu Onu started school at Community Primary School, Ozalla Ezimo. He was above the average pupil in the school. He gained admission to study in one of the best secondary schools in Nsukka area–Saint Teresa’s College, Nsukka.


At Saint Teresa’s College, Nsukka, he was also above an average student. In the school, he was given the post of Food Prefect. He performed his duties well in this position.

After leaving secondary school, and even while he was in secondary school, he desired to be a teacher. So, he enrolled for National Certificate in Education program at Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe. He was also passionate about get better education and certificates.

Right after finishing from the college of education, he studied for a Political Science degree in ESUT. Later, he studied Law in ESUT. Although, he has never really practised as a lawyer that much. He has also gone to acquire Master’s degree in Administration, and a whole lot of other higher degrees.

While enrolling for all these certificates, Chief Chinedu Onu participated actively in politics. He made himself different and exceptional as he contributed heavily in the service of society in the different capacities beginning from the electoral ward to the federal government.

His first political position was as a councilor of his ward in his local government, and he headed the Council Government. Afterwards, he served the Enugu State Government as a Commissioner in various portfolios from 2003 to 2007. He also served as a Special Advisor to Enugu State Government, and one of the board of directors, on city beautification and remodelling.
He has served as member, or Chief, of board of directors of various governing boards in Enugu State. In 2015, he indicated interest to contest to be the Governor of Enugu State. It is also within this time that he expanded his business interests and assets. His business and investment grew to the national level as he invested in oil and gas, agriculture, transportation, vehicle manufacturing, and other areas.

At the federal government, Chinedu Onu served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TetFund), where he brought Federal Government’s attention to the horrible plights of educational institutions in the southeast.
While serving in all these government capacities and roles, Chief Chinedu Onu enacted a lot of changes and addition to the efficiency of the organizations he served. He was instrumental in the establishment of several organizations and agencies in Enugu State. In addition, in the present day, he is still serving in different Enugu State, National, and private companies’ boards.

Having learned how to be enterprising, Chinedu Onu took an active part in the growth of his parents’ businesses. While actively being engaged in these businesses, he learned the ways of business and investment. So, right from tender age, he has been doing businesses and investing. From then, his money and assets have been growing.

Chief Chinedu Onu and his InGrace company have become popular nationally due to the establishment of InGrace Vehilce Manufacturing Company in Enugu State. He procured hectares of land in his hometown of Ezimo to make this possible. When this vehicle manufacturing company is fully established, it will be the second most popular indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Igbo side of the southeast. It will also be a good competitor with Innoson Motors.

He is happily married with four children.

What is Chief Chinedu Onu’s Net Worth?

He is worth around or more than $60 million. He was able to garner this amount of wealth after years of entrepreneurship, hardwork, and dutiful investment. Aside from the successful foray into politics, Onu had been consistent in building and broadening his parents’ business empire.