Chief Chika Emenike, CEO of Tummy Tummy Noodles, Chitec Motors Limited, and Kotec Group of Companies

Tummy Tummy is a popular noodles eaten in various homes but most people don’t know the brain behind the company. The brain behind the noodles manufacturing company is also behind a couple of other other companies. In this post, we’ll be looking at the biography of Chief Chika Emenike, CEO of Tummy Tummy Noodles, Chitec Motors Limited, and Kotec Group of Companies.

You’ll learn all about this enterprising and soaring businessman–the impact he has made, the companies he has built, his networth, and all.

The Biography of Chief Chika Emenike, CEO of Tummy Tummy Noodles, Chitec Motors Limited, and Kotec Group of Companies

Chief Chika Emenike was born in July 1969 in Imo State. He hails from Amanator Ozuakoli Urualla in Ideato North Local Government Area in Imo state. He was born into the family of Chief and Mrs. Alexander Emenike.

Being born at a time when entrepreneurship and apprenticeship was the popular demand at that time. Young Chika Emenike left his town when he was 10 to serve his uncle in Nnewi. He served his uncle in the business of trading automobile spare parts. He served his uncle for over 7 years before he was settled.

It was at the age of 20, that he started his own business in the line of trading automobiles’ spareparts. He started under the name Chitec Motors Nigeria Limited. From selling the spare parts, he diversified into other businesses. His most popular brand is the Tummy Tummy Foods, which he started in 2009, with noodles as the first food product.
Since then, Chief Chika Emenike’s businesses have continued to expand and widen. His assets are increasing, and his worth is also increasing. His most popular brand, Tummy Tummy Noodles, has gone beyond conquering the noodles market of Anambra State into other states like Delta, Enugu, Ebonyi, Edo, Imo, Abia, Rivers, Cross River, and so. The acceptability of his products are due to how good or with the required quality needed in products.

Like every other Nigerian entrepreneur, he has complained of the harsh business environment in Nigeria. There are multiple challenges facing Nigerian businesses. From the issue or high cost of production, to hassles encountered in securing funds, to the issue of workforce, the problems are just enormous. However, he hasn’t given up.

It was worthy to note that Chief Chika Emenike has also diversified into Agro-allied heavily. He is not only passionate about business, trading; he is also passionate about farming and agriculture.

He considers himself to be from Nnewi considering how long he has stayed in Nnewi, and how Nnewi favored his business growth. He has done a lot of things and actions for the city as well aside from continuously making investment in the city.

Chief Chika Emenike is happily married with children.

What is the Worth of Chief Chika Emenike?

Chief Emenike’s businesses and assets are worth around $200 million. He has once stated that his businesses and companies employ more than 1000 people within and outside Nnewi. It is from Nnewi, his businesses export products to other parts of the country.
Due to his contribution to economic growth of Nnewi and Nigeria at large, he was awarded Nigeria’s National Honor in Entrepreneurship.