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Carbon Paylater Loan

Carbon Paylater Loan provides you with the opportunity to get access to loans, and use the money for your urgent needs. They have been around in Nigeria for a while. The beautiful thing about them is that with simply dialing their USSD code, you can secure the loan.

Thus, you don’t need provision of documents or a long procedure to secure loans. It is an easy step where you get the loan amount sent to your phone for easy use.

There are reasons why you should consider this loan provider. You can read the reasons below:

Why you should Consider Carbon Paylater Loan?

The application and approval process is fast.

You don’t need rigorous documentation or hectic procedures to secure a loan. The loan firm just needs some pieces of information from you as a form of your documentation.

The interest rate is not high.

The repayment period is what you can afford to cover. (The repayment period is usually not more than 10 months).

You can secure the loan from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home, with your mobile phone.
In the next section of the post, we’ll be looking at the process of securing loan from this platform.

Requirements for this Loan

BVN (Bank Verification Number)

Bank account (that has been active for over three months)

Credit worthiness (you shouldn’t be owing money or you should always have the habit of repaying loans as at when due)

Mobile phone (this is what you use to apply and process the loans)

Means of National Identification
Carbon Paylater Loan

To register and secure this loan, you should know that you must present some forms of identification and documentation. This means that you present some national identification like Passport or even the National ID card.

You would also send in your personal and financial details like BVN, name, address, account number, and the rest. When you submit your means of identification and verify yourself, your profile is completed.

The loan code or USSD code for Carbon Paylater Loan is *1303#.

Reiterating, we write that for the application for this loan, you use the USSD code, *1303#.

With a good credit score, you can get from 1000 naira to 1 million naira. Thus, the platform would check your credit score, cash inflow, before approving the loans for you.

The loan is usually approved at a very fast rate. However, the major disadvantage of this platform is that the interest rate is somewhat high, although manageable. The interested rate is at 5%.

There is no penalty fee if you don’t pay back on time but then not paying back on time would lead to a rejection when you want to borrow higher amount of money later, and it would affect your credit score.

Contact Details of Carbon Paylater Loan

Address: Plot 642C, Akin Adesola Street, Lagos State

Phone Number: +23417009011



Carbon Paylater Loan is a good option you should consider if you intend getting a fast and quick loan. However, you should endeavor to pay on time. If you don’t pay back on time your credit score reduces and diminishes. With low credit score, you would find it difficult seeking loans in other loan giving platforms.