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Best Places to Save Money in Enugu and Nsukka with High Interest Rate for You

People are often confused of where to save money with good interest rates that is secure and good. Instead of leaving their money in banks or places where there is little or no interest rates, they would need where there is good interest rates in order not to keep their money wasting away. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best places to save money in Enugu and Nsukka with high interest rates for you.

You should know that with these places you can save your money, be rest assured that it is save, and still expect huge interest rates on your savings here. What this means is that you are to expect good amount of money added to your loan. This good amount of money will be a great one for you.

In this post, there’ll be a verified list of these platforms.

Best Places to Save Money in Enugu and Nsukka with High Interest Rate for You

1. EVURA Finance & Assets

This business offers good saving benefits to the customers or people who have accounts with them. They also promote good saving culture in the aspect that they can automatically deduct certain amount of money to save for you from your salary monthly.

Your money is absolutely safe with them. The interest rate of the platform on your business is great too. You are assured of around 6% to 10% of your saved money as interest annually. They have terms and conditions to qualify for this, though.

Their office is at Orba Road, Nsukka, Enugu State.

You can contact them by

WhatsApp or Call: 08143058610

Email to


2. Umuchinemere ProCredit Microfinance Bank

This is a microfinance bank you can trust with your savings. The bank belongs to Enugu Catholic Diocese. Your saved money comes with good interest rate. In addition, as a customer banking with them, you can easily secure loans from them.

The interest rates for money saved with them is between 3% to 6% annually. It is still far better than saving with normal commercial banks.

They have several branches in Enugu city.

You can contact them through:

Call: 08030966386 or 08035691456



3. Kenechukwu Microfinance Bank

This microfinance bank is just like Umuchinemere ProCredit Microfinance Bank. It is located in Nsukka area. The headquarters is in Nsukka city. It is owned by the Catholic Diocese of Nsukka.

The good thing about saving with this bank is that you can easily assess their loans if you save with them. Your money is totally safe. In addition, the interest rate is considerable high. You are assured of interest rate of between 3% to 6% on your money.

You can contact this bank by:

Call: 08033010647



4. Ogbete Microfinance Bank

This bank is located close to Ogbete Microfinance Bank. You should consider saving money here if you are a trader who would one day seek loan from them. The interest rate is not bad.
In case you need loan from this place in the future, you would be considered well enough when you bank with them.
Their location or office is at Local Government Building, Ogbete Main Market, Enugu, Enugu State.

You can contact them by

Call: 07060900084 or 07030389933 or 08036680139

5. Ogige Microfinance Bank

This micro bank covers the Ogige Main Market. This means they deal mostly with traders. So, if you are a trader, you should consider banking with them.
If you bank with them, there is a high chance you’ll secure loans from them. The money saved with them accrues high interest as well.

The location of their office is at 20, Market Road, Alu Dele, Nsukka, Enugu State.

You can contact them by:

Call: 08037553839


The best places to save money in Enugu and Nsukka with high interest rates has been examined in this post. You should simply do businesses with these people to get good return for your money. In addition, you can easily get loans from them.