Best Places to Live in Sokoto

Sokoto is a state in the Northwest region of Nigeria. It is at the end of the country in that region. From this state, you can go to Niger and other neighboring countries. Sokoto is also the name for the capital city of Sokoto State. In this post, we’ll be looking at the best places to live in Sokoto.

Sokoto is relatively a peaceful city even though it is hot. Since it is the gateway from Nigeria to other countries, business moves well here. As a southerner, you can go here to establish a wide range of business. The major thing you have to worry about is the hot and harsh weather.

Best Places to Live in Sokoto

Cost of living in Sokoto is affordable. The social amenities in the areas to be mentioned are relatively good as well. Unlike other cities we have examined on EVURA, cost of living in the areas mentioned are relatively the same. The areas are also secure–security is a vital part to consider. We’ll break it down for you.

To rent a flat in all the areas to be mentioned, you should hold around 500,000 naira, or even below. A self-contained room can be gotten at the average price of 200,000 naira. It can be way cheaper, too. A room and parlor self-contained can be gotten at an average price of 300,000 naira.

Meanwhile, the water and light bills are very much affordable. Transportation is cheap in Sokoto. Foodstuffs and food in Sokoto are one the cheapest you can get anywhere in Nigeria especially when it comes to grains, legumes, and vegetables.

Now, let’s list these areas.

1. Runjin Sambo

This place is chosen as the first because it is secure and serene. The social amenities here are great. Here, you don’t have to worry about security or social amenities. It is also a good location in the city.

2. Wurno Road

This area is more of a centralized and highly organized area. Here, you are secured. It offers the best of modern amenities, facilities, and all. It is a great area to consider while moving and living in Sokoto.

3. Old Airport

This area is high cosmopolitan area. It is also close to a lot of good places. It is secure. It is organized. Here, you get the facilities and amenities you need. You should consider here as well.

4. Low Cost

This is area is more of an estate area. The organization and security here is top notch. It is an area for middle-class earners. Here, you don’t have to worry about the effects of crisis as it is peaceful with the needed amenities.

5. Bado Quarters

This area is quite a nice place to consider as you make your attempt to move. It has all you need in place–the security, organization, social amenities, and all. You won’t regret moving here.

The important fact about living in Sokoto is that you live a life free of hassles. There aren’t much traffic in the town. It is secure to a good extent. You can do business here and succeed easily.


This post has looked at the best places to live in Sokoto successfully. You just have to read, make your own research, before delving in to rent a place. Sokoto is a nice place to stay.