Best Places to Live in Ile Ife


Ile Ife is one of the largest cities in Osun State by size and population. It is an ancient city where the Yoruba tribe is believed to have originated from. The city also houses the pretigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. In this post, we’ll be writing about the best places to live in Ile Ife.

Ile Ife is home to students, civil servants, business men and women, farmers, and other residents. It is a wide area with students making over 25% of the population. There are decent houses in the city.

You should note that the cost of living here is cheap. You can rent houses at cheap prices; pay low power and water bills, and the transportation fare is cheap as well. For this city, the cost of living everywhere is almost the same. Thus, the rent in one place is also the rent price in another place.

Best Places to Live in Ile Ife

For the house rent cost, in Ile Ife, you can rent a flat for around 450,000 naira, or more, or less. A self-contained room can be gotten at around 150,000 naira, or more, or less. While a room and parlor self-contained goes for around 250,000 naira. Of course, there are cheaper houses, but the prices written here are for the more modern houses with everything you need intact.

Now, let’s take a look at some of these best areas to live in this city.

1. Ede Road

This is the number one area to consider if you are a student of OAU. It is very close to the campus. The security here is above average. The power and water supply are good. The social amenities are top-notch. If you get this location as a student, you’d surely enjoy the area.

2. Eleyele

This is also another great place to stay in Ile Ife with everything intact. This is a great area for people of all works of life. It is close to wherever you want to go in Ile Ife. Most importantly, it is safe.

3. Parakin

This is absolutely one of the good areas to stay in Ile Ife. There are modern houses here, and it is secure. There are also the required social amenities.

4. Modakeke

This is one of the most popular places in Ile Ife. It is more of a young people area as you get to find young people a lot here, student or not. You can choose here for its modern houses, security, liveliness, social amenities, and proximity to wherever you want to go in Ile Ife. Choosing this place is not a bad idea at all.

5. Moore

This is the last area to be mentioned here; however, this doesn’t make the place less of an area. You’ll find all the good things you find in other neighborhoods. In addition to that, this place is good for business as there are lots of businesses moving here.


Ile Ife is an ancient city that you would love to stay. Aside from the security, it is serene and has an easygoing life. Planning on moving or relocating to this city? If yes, you should rest the lifestyle, culture, and way of the people. This post has done good justice to the topic of 5 most profitable businesses to start in Enugu.