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Best Places to Live in Enugu


This article guides you on the best places to live in Enugu. Are you concerned about renting and moving to a good place in Enugu? Then, this post is the perfect guide for you.

Enugu is one of the fastest developing cities in Nigeria, and there are several rich and comfy neighborhoods springing up. In this city, you can find the comfort you need in a lot of places. However, the matter is the price, cost of rent, and then cost of living.

You have to beware that Enugu is one of the costliest cities to live in Nigeria, especially when you are in the highbrow areas. So, you should note that for this post, all the neighborhoods we listed here are rich and have high costs of living. Make up your mind to spend a lot moving to the area mentioned in this post.

Best Places to Live in Enugu

1. Independence Layout

This is where the Government House and other top government organizations and bodies are. It is the greenest, most developed, finest, most serene, and most planned area of Enugu city. Here, you have the quietude and rich life you desire.

The social amenities and infrastructure in this area are top-notch. The roads are good. The power supply is excellent. You can easily get water supplied to your house. You also have the leverage of connecting with top men in Enugu here.

As much as it is a beautiful and serene place, you would have to break the bank to live here. The cost of rent, cost of living, and other factors are expensive. A flat in this area goes for as high as one million nairas. A self-contained room or room and parlor goes from 250,000 nairas to 500,000 nairas.

The advantage is that it is close to all the places that matter in Enugu, and you can get the contacts you need.

2. GRA

This is also another top area you can live. It has all the basic amenities and infrastructure. There are businesses and important sites in this area like Enugu Mall, Government ministries, and so on.

Here, you can get the quietude you need, the greenness, the good roads, the well-planned streets, and many more. From here, you can easily connect to other areas in Enugu or get to the airport or Federal highway leading to other parts of the country.

To rent a house and live here is very expensive. You should be budgeting 600,000 nairas to a million for a flat. 250,000 to 450,000 naira for a self-contained room or room and parlor.

Another fascinating detail about this area is that it is quite large. There are a lot of areas under it like Golf Estate, Golf Extension, New GRA, Old GRA, Centenary Estate, Abakiliki Road, Secretariat, and many more.

3. New Haven

New Haven is a good area to live in Enugu. It is close to Independence Layout and GRA. It is a neighborhood for the middle class. It is not as expensive as GRA and Independence Layout, but it is a high-brow area to a great extent.

Here, you can get all the basic amenities you need–the roads are good, and there are good locations and businesses here. However, it is not as serene and green as the two areas mentioned earlier. More people are living here, and lots of businesses going on. It is well-planned, though.

You have to make a budget of 450,000 naira to 600,000 to get a flat in this neighborhood. For a self-contained room or a room and parlor, you should hold about 200,000 naira to 400,000.

4. New Layout

This is also another great place to live. It is close to Independence Layout, and there are lots of institutions here like the University of Nigeria and the Institute of Management and Technology.

It is planned and green to an extent but not as in the areas mentioned earlier. There are lots of students and a younger population here due to the several institutions. For this place, self-contained room and room and parlor more.

It is not as expensive as the high-brow areas mentioned but it is still on the high side.

For getting a flat here you should hold around 400,000 nairas to 600,000 nairas. For getting a self-contained room or room and parlor, you should hold about 200,000 nairas to 400,000 nairas.

The infrastructure and social amenities here aren’t as good as GRA and Independence Layout. They have a serious issue of water scarcity. You won’t also get the sereneness and greenness you desire here.

5. Trans Ekulu

Trans Ekulu is an area that’s quite underrated in Enugu. The major disadvantage of this area is that it is far from the city center. Aside from that, you can get the social amenities, greenness, quietude, and security, you’ll get in several high-brow areas here.

It is close to GRA and you can easily connect to the Federal highway going to other parts of the country. It is also close to Abakpa, and the road leading to Nsukka.

It is well-planned, although there is not much greenness here. However, you get to enjoy the quietude you desire. You can also get a water supply better here than in the high-brow areas.

If you intend to get a flat here, you should be ready to spend 350,000 nairas to 600,000 nairas It is also the best place in Enugu you can rent a full bungalow yourself at an affordable price.

For a self-contained room or room and parlor, be ready to spend 150,000 naira to 300,000. This area is quite good and affordable.


These places listed are the best places to live in Enugu. The issue is that you’ll have to spend a good amount of money to get houses in these places. You also have to note that the cost of living here is higher as apart from the rent, your water bill, light bill, security bill, and others will be higher than those living in other parts of Enugu.