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Best Performing States in the South East and South South 2022

There are best performing states in the South East and South South 2022 according to the data released by BugdIT. These states are judged by their IGR, GDP, financially transparency, budget execution, and others. They are judged differently.

Then, EVURA, compiling and analyzing the metrics through which the states are judged, comes up with a comprehensive list of the sum total of the judging.

Thus, what you are to read here is how the South East and South South states of Enugu, Anambra, Abia, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Imo, Ebonyi, Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers states fair generally using the different metrics of governance.

For the use of the nomenclature “South East,” EVURA considers the 5 states in the main South East, and 5 of South South states as South East. This is the area we cover.

We move on to list how well governed these states are:

Best Performing States in the South East and South South 2022

1. Rivers State

In the year (2021fiscal year), Rivers State earned the top spot as the best governed and performing state in the region. It is also the best in the federation. The economy of the state is robust standing at $7 billion, the IGR is great, the fiscal performance report is excellent, and there is a superb government delivery of capital projects as well.

2. Akwa Ibom State

This state takes the second spot. The economy of the state has been growing consistently. The fiscal report for the year in review is great. The IGR has been consistently growing. The Government of the state invests heavily in capital projects to turn around the fortunes of the state and elevate the people from poverty, especially in the rural areas.

3. Ebonyi State

Regarding that this state is a small state with very limited resources, it is suprising that its economy, fiscal report and capital projects beat most of the states in the federation. The government has continuously provided the needed infrastructure to their citizens with a great focus on modernizing and equipping the urban areas.

4. Anambra State

Anambra State’s economy, IGR, and fiscal report for the year are great. This means that the government is delivering dividends of democracy to the people. There is a good focus of the government in rural development. There is also deployment of capital projects.

5. Cross River State

Compared to the criticism this state government gets, the state is doing well in the provision of good government services to it’s citizens. It has improved in fiscal performance, there is good foreign investment to the state, and it works on a lot of capital projects. These are done for the benefit of the citizens.

6. Delta State

The state ranks among top 5 in terms of capital projects. The human capital development index of the state is good. There is also substantial foreign investment in the state. It is also not doing bad in terms of fiscal performance.

7. Abia State

Suprisingly, Abia State has good performance in some indices like foreign investment and fiscal performance than most states in the federation. It is able to get this rank here in this list because of its high foreign investment attraction that serves as a source of job creation for its population.

8. Enugu State

The state performed considerably well in fiscal performance and IGR generation; however, it performed abysmally in capital projects, ease of doing business, and economy. The economy of the state has stagnated since COVID-19.

10. Imo State

The best surprise about this state is that as small in landmass as it is, the economy of the state is top five in the federation. However, plagued by bad leadership for a number of years, it has not performed optimally as it is supposed to. So, the state fails in fiscal performance, IGR generation, and capital projects execution.

11. Bayelsa State

Notwithstanding that Bayelsa State is an oil-rich state, it was always found wanting in government delivery of services. For the year in review, if fails in fiscal performance, capital projects execution, ease of doing business, IGR growth, and so many other. In fact, it was one of the worst performing states in the whole federation.

Who is BudgIT?

BugdIT is a non-governmental organization involved in the study and criticism of government budget, policies, and administrative work. They focus on the different Nigerian Governments’ budgeting and execution process.

This organization carries out more of the study of government budgets in an attempt to act as watchdogs on budget execution.


Using BugdIT study, we are able to present this best performing states in South East and South South 2022. We have presented the metrics they used in determining this best. In the future, we’ll bring that of Kingmakers and other state performance ranking organization.